Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Chinese Love Horoscope

By Matthias Zeitler

One of the most important aspects in everyone's life is their love relationship; therefore, the predictions that can be made in this area are very precious for them. The astrology gives us the tools for getting to know one another in every way, and also for finding out how our relationships could evolve in the future. In every zodiac system can be drawn some lines of compatibility and some of incompatibility, especially when it comes to the private area of one's social life, the area in which a person should be able to act in the most natural ways, leaving behind all the parts he is forced to play at work, or as he walks down the street.

The Chinese love horoscope, just like any other love horoscope, is a guide from which you can learn more about your love compatibility with others, based on your astrological signs. It's not like these rules of attraction based on the zodiac sign are always crystal clear and also it's not like you should only talk to people whose year of birth gives them the proper sign for a compatibility with you. However, they are worthy of credit, saying that it's more likely to build a good relationship, according to your own standards, with a certain zodiac sign than with others.

The animals that form the Chinese zodiac's signs can either get along very well, and thus forming triangles of affinity, or be in disharmony, according to the characteristics of every zodiac sign, as they were drawn in the birth time of the Chinese zodiac. Therefore, the Chinese astrology signs compatibility describes four triangles of affinity, each named after the main characteristic that reigns over the three zodiac signs that form it.

The first triangle is the triangle of executants, based on the following horoscope signs: Rat, Monkey and Dragon. Meanwhile, the rat is in total disharmony with the horse, as they are total opposites, the monkey does not get along with the tiger, and the dragon with the dog. The Ox, the Snake and the Rooster form the triangle of persevering, and, at the same time, each one of these three signs has its own opposite: for the ox, it's the sheep, for the snake, it's the pig, and for the rooster, it's the rabbit.

Another triangle is the triangle of the redeeming, including the Tiger, the Horse and the Dog. In this case, the antagonistic signs are the monkey, the rat and the dragon. The last triad of affinity is Rabbit Sheep - Pig, also known as the triangle of emotional, where the rabbit is in total disharmony with the rooster, the sheep with the ox and the pig with the snake.

These are the main lines in the map of the Chinese astrology compatibility and they should help you interact with the others around you in a better way, and also shape your expectances in order to be happy and fulfilled. Try and use for some time the Chinese astrology romance compatibility system and you may realize that it helped you more than you ever thought it will.

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