Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Complete Information on Leo Characteristics

Author: Matthias Zeitler

The way Lion is considered to be the king of jungle; Leos bear similar type of royal nature. Leo people are warm with vigor and always ready to indulge in some action. They always prefer to be loved and cared by others and this is the reason they make powerful leaders as well as faithful workers. They have an inclination towards performing arts and dramas. They are very confident and highly ambitious.

But at the same time they are quite generous and extremely loyal. They are independent in nature and sometimes this leads to certain extent of stubbornness. But they need someone to appreciate or control them. They would rarely like to be lonely and love to be surrounded by their loved ones. The Leo people are extremely enthusiastic and they are full of zest towards life.
These qualities often attract others and they make very good friends as they are capable of encouraging their friends substantially. They are absolutely balanced in nature and you will often see people naturally drifting down around them. They are quite respectful to others and never keep grudges in their mind. They are forgiving by nature. But some of the Leos are slightly self-centered at times.

Positive Qualities of Leo

There are countless positive qualities in the character of a Leo. A Leo has always a tendency to rule and this is the reason wherever they go they rule the others. They are capable of making great leaders and rulers. They are energetic and lively at the same time and these qualities often attract the people in the surrounding towards them.

They are very emotional and make excellent friends and loyal partners. They love to be surrounded by their near and dear ones and can be extremely forgiving at times. They have a broad heart and they often give treats to their friends. They are sympathetic and kind to everybody.

Their heart is broad enough to forgive everybody. They can inspire others and often become the centre of attraction. They are capable of molding the opinions of others by their personality and approach. They are pretty much intuitive and can take right decisions for themselves as well as for others.

Negative Qualities of Leo

There are some negative traits present in the character of a Leo. They have excessive inclination towards material substances. This often leads them towards extravagance and unnecessary expenditure. Some of them become regular borrower. This is only because they spend more than what they can afford. Leos are sneaky and scheming at times and manipulate against others.

They are very much confrontational and short-tempered and often end up having fights with others for simple reasons. They get attracted by the opposite sex easily. You may find some Leos who are occasional liars.

Some of them are over dominating which is not acceptable and make people irate with them. Their excessive passion often leads them into troubles. They act stubborn and pretentious at times and create melodrama in order to make others listen to their opinion.

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