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Cosmic Gossip

By Linda Merlino

Virgo is practical. Virgo must analyze and dissect everything. There must be a purpose for something or there is no reason to keep it. These folk discriminate and are critical of others and of them self. Perfect is the goal and this sign will go through hell to reach perfection. Those born between August 23 and September 22 are gentle, shy, work-alcoholics and mentally quick with facts and trivia. Virgo is the perfect choice for a person to do your taxes, edit your novel, cut your hair, and remove your gall stones. If you are seeking a person in whom you can trust; Virgo is a perfect choice. One can not over use the word perfect around Virgo. Male or female there is no end to their search for this nirvana.

Virgo does tend to worry too much and can be overly concerned about health, especially their own. Real and imagined ailments all become a blur of symptoms and facts. The intestinal tract is vulnerable when Virgo is very stressed and ulcers are often a result. However, Virgo's ills are greatly exaggerated and generally he or she is very healthy.

With a Virgo mate you must follow the rules (and there will be many). Things must have order and your surroundings must be devoid of chaos. Do not take any of his or her criticism personally; let things said in the heat of an exchange fade into the sunset. If you hold on to these words you will not gain the ability to have a warm and loving relationship with your Virgo. Earth signs are very tactile and sensual. This is a bonus in romance. Remember that your Virgo mate will be looking out for your health and well being, this means eating the right foods and exercise. The rewards of your Virgo affair will be low cholesterol, no fat, clean underwear and some kinky unmentionable stuff for after hours.

Political Cosmic Gossip:Somewhere in some back room or behind a closed door the next four years of leadership for the United States has been decided. Strong statement, I agree. But in saying that, who will win? If change is your quest, if you are tired of the same-old-same-old and you vote for change, be prepared to be crushed, not just disappointed, but flattened. Not because the intention wasn't good or said with passion but because the forces that be are about to swing to the conservative; business suits and ties, never mind that, how about three piece suits and ties and oxfords for everyone, including the women. The belt is being tightened and no one is thinking of going outside the box, or the lines, or anywhere that doesn't have an electrified fence. Maybe conservative is not politically correct because Pluto is going from the sign of Sagittarius which was all about "living large" into Capricorn which is all about how to "conserve", recycle, live on less, rules and consequences.

FYI: Cosmic intervention again, believe it or not, case in point view of the total eclipse: Russia...ancient belief: that the places of total view will have war (and all that goes with it), government overthrows and the next rulers born.

Mercury Retrograde:Mark the 24th of September on your calendar, this is the beginning of the backward dance of our favorite planet, Mercury. Remember all that deals with transportation and communication will be affected. Three weeks of knowing that something is weird out there and also the shadow stuff which begins September 3rd and flops around until the 30th of October. No one will say anything that hasn't been said before...

ARIES (March 21-April 20) Aries has to juggle his or her self against a relationship or partnership. This energy should be a balance not one that gives and does not get back. Your one-on-one encounters are about love, money and negotiation. Cosmic Advice: You need to take care of yourself. If you feel tired get more sleep, do not get caught up in diets that will scrape fat off your bones. Your bones and your teeth and how much calcium you are getting, that is what's important for another two years, and then some.

TAURUS (April 21-May 20) Taurus can use the negotiating wisdom of the three personal planets, Mars, Venus and Mercury to handle day-to-day stuff. If you feel like you are always making peace; that is because you are and especially this month when the line up of peace keeping planets is your daily taskmaster. Cosmic Advice: If you think you are done with higher education, think again. If you think you have traveled everywhere you want to go, think again. If you think your beliefs are solid, oh my, think again.

GEMINI (May 20-June 21) Gemini is about to have a very good month. The three planets in Libra are stacking up in your house of fun, rewards, and lovers. You may have to share one thing or another, perhaps an award that goes to the Top Two, this is highly irregular but then Gemini is duality. Cosmic Advice: Perhaps the Libra two's are giving you more than just one of what you deserve. Use your charm and wit to give back.

CANCER (June 22-July 22) Cancer is at home with love, money and negotiation. Someone may come knocking upon your symbolic door, go down on his or her knee and swear unending love...or, someone may offer you an incredible partnership opportunity with the potential to make lots of cash; either way...use your mind over your heart to negotiate your needs. Cosmic Advice: Maybe one of your neighbors is moving or you are spending less time in the hood. Your siblings and relatives have the answers to questions that need answers.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Leo is using his or her charm and ability to convince siblings, neighbors and relatives of the benefits of two's. Leo feels that compromise is needed to accomplish community goals, to balance family relations and to bring his or herself to the next level of life. Money may seem tight and the usually generous side of Leo may feel compromised but compromise is the tone of the month. Cosmic Advice: Your best days are everyday. Keep the mind set of NOW and you will succeed.

VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sept 22) Virgo has a birthday this month and celebrating may seem a bit subdued. Let's tone down the crepe paper and balloons and do something for the good of the planet. After all Virgo is an earth sign and the color green suits him or her very well. The love, money and negotiation thing is affecting your personal resources. Perhaps a raise or a treasure you own is worth more than you think, or the power of two accounts, two careers, two of whatever proves a benefit to you. Cosmic Advice: The struggle that ensues within you will continue for two more summers. This can be good news or bad. Perhaps older Virgo's will concentrate on putting their life in order, all their ducks in a row. Young Virgos can also wouldn't hurt.

LIBRA (Sept 23 - Oct 22) Libra this is your month. If you have something to it now. You alone know the best way to make peace, the best way to compromise and how to go to war. Libra you are the sign of the general and many of our famous generals were Librans. If ever we wanted peace, this is the time. Once Mercury goes backward all that is said will have been said. Let's get out there Libra and do your stuff. Cosmic Advice: Your mind is keeping records and lists. You are storing them away for 2010 when you will need to look back and find out what just happened when you think the rug is being pulled out from under.

SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21) Scorpio may be having a grand affair. Oh my. This is either real or imaginary. Secrets are an integral part of Scorpio's energy and what lurks behind closed doors could be a part of Scorpio's hidden treasure. Cosmic Advice: Continue to seek out older, wiser friends. These folk will be your anchor over the next few years. Trim your hopes and trims to fit reality. Don't go over board thinking you are superman or woman.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21) Sagittarius you can feel the final phase of this life cycle beginning to fade. You have been through a grueling fourteen years and you should take a peek in the mirror to see what you look like now. One good thing is that you survived and once you say yes to that what you see in the mirror is an incredible human being ready to live life to the fullest. Way to go, Sag. Cosmic Advice: This month may find you aligned with young people with much energy. This association is very healthy. You can share your wisdom and you get back ten fold.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19) Capricorn keep saying that mantra, "it won't be long now". Whatever you think is coming; you don't really have a clue because you will never in a million years know what an impact life will have on you for the next fourteen years, never. For good or for bad, ask any Sagittarius you know to recount their past and you will begin to get the picture. Capricorn is the tone of tomorrow, the shift to the conservative, to conserve, to law and order. Capricorn takes no prisoners, and doesn't fool around and gets the job done right. Cosmic Advice: No one can do it or will do it better than Capricorn, so don't underestimate your power.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18) Aquarius will find that young people and their energy is what buoy you this month. Your rocket is launched with the power of youthful exuberance and knowing that things get done well when you look for the balance. The strain of not being able to rely on anyone else, on any other resource weighs heavy. Let this not be a continual burden, shift how you perceive this view. Learn how to save and conserve.

PISCES (Feb 19-March 20) Pisces is giving as well as receiving. There is an influx of benefits from resources other than your own. Helping young people negotiate for loans, school funding and how to create IRA's may be on your list. This month you are helping others. This suits you well. Cosmic Advice: If you are in a relationship there are lessons being taught. Who is the teacher and who is the student? Do not give so much that you give all of your self. This is Pisces flaw.

Linda Merlino, author
Belly of the Whale released April 1, 2008

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