Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crystal for Moon Sign in Leo

by Darlene Siddons

July 23 â€" August 22
Moon Crystal: Hiddenite Intuition Crystal: Yellow Calcite

Moon in Leo is very powerful and superb and your moon crystal is the perfect crystal to take care of the positive energy of your personality and it also promotes humility, while not taking away any of your personal power. This crystal also is excellent for encouragement in difficult life situations and should always be worn.

Positive moon qualities are that you are generous, affectionate, warm hearted and loyal. You are a natural people person and have a certain authority about you along with being an excellent organizer.

Topaz will encourage your moon energy of charisma, confidence, creativity and vitality; all of these characteristics make you an excellent mentor and/or teacher. Loyalty is usually a good thing, however, for you it could keep you in certain situation long past the time they are good for you, like the wrong job, a destructive relationship and even friendship that have run their course, carry Ametrine to balance these energies out.

Moon in Leo you have strong needs for personal empowerment and you like to feel special. You love to be adored, obeyed and looked up to; this could lead to some manipulation and unhealthy games; along with this you have a need for luxury and self gratification; all of these characteristics can be balanced by carrying Rhodochronsite which helps you love yourself just for you and to show the world your own special qualities.

You can tend to be childlike and you need to honor the playful side of yourself; Larimar is the perfect stone for this as it allows you to be playful without being childish; it heals the child within and allows you to be playful and joyful. This stone is also great for spiritual growth and heals any heartache that may be a part of your life; this stone should be worn all the time, as it will also assist you in being more creative in all that you do.

Watch you pride, it can be very powerful and could tend to keep you apart and separate from others, back to that moon tendency to be looked up to and admired, carry Tiger's Eye and Kinzite to balance this out.

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