Monday, August 18, 2008

Daily Astrology for the Week of August 18, 2008 - General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

by Sparrow Moon

Mon 8/18/08 Sensitive and Compassionate
The morning (wee hours of the morning west coast) could begin a little hectic or there may be some upsetting family issues to deal with. After we get past the morning challenges, we may find we want to do some cleaning and organizing today. It will also be a great day to help others or to get the help we need. People will be sensitive, and for the most part, compassionate today. There could be a sudden emotional upset this evening (late afternoon west coast), but the rest of the night should be calmer. Major Planetary Events Today: None

Tue 8/19/08 Bring Our Lives into Balance

Those of us up early could be dealing with some major emotional upsets, but around 7:30 AM eastern time (4:30 pacific) our moods should flatten as the moon goes void of course. Around mid morning (early morning west coast) we will ready to begin anew. We are going to be thinking about ourselves today under the influence of the Aries Moon, and we are going to be ready to bring balance and beauty into our lives. We should find we have a lot of energy today, and we should find that people are cooperative. There could be some emotional reacting late tonight (this evening west coast), but all in all, it should be a very productive day. Major Planetary Events Today: Mars Enters Libra

Wed 8/20/08 Ready to Initiate Changes

People are going to be pleasant today, and we are going to be ready to initiate some changes in our lives. There could be some bad luck (or over eating) happening around mid morning (early morning west coast), but the rest of the day is going to be ideal. We will have plenty of energy, and we may want to start a new project. Major Planetary Events Today: None

Thu 8/21/08 Slow Down the Pace

We may want to start a few more new changes in our lives this morning, but by early afternoon (mid morning west coast) we may lose our focus. People will be polite and friendly, and business meetings will go well today, but we may decide to slow down the pace around mid afternoon (late morning west coast) after the Moon enters Taurus. Social events will go very well today, and we may want to take in a show or watch a video tonight. Major Planetary Events Today: Sun Trine Pluto, Mercury Conjunct Venus

Fri 8/22/08 No Big Rush, but Underlying Tension

We may not be in a big rush today under the Taurus Moon, but we are going to want to do things and talk to people as the Sun enters Virgo. The day could begin very nice, and step by step, we will accomplish our goals. But, there could also be an underlying current of tension and moodiness in the air, and as the day goes on this tension could increase. Some of us may get overly defensive or paranoid tonight, and there could be some sudden outbursts to deal with. Major Planetary Events Today: Sun Enters Virgo

Sat 8/23/08 Unexpected Upsets

There could be some unexpected upsets today as Uranus comes to a showdown with Venus and Mercury. We may find ourselves dealing with sudden arguments with loved ones, and if we have any travel plans, there could be delays and detours. And, we may not feel like dealing with any of it until this evening (mid afternoon west coast). We should find that tonight brings more focus and energy. It will be a great night for conversations, friendly competition, and maybe even a little romance. Major Planetary Events Today: Mercury Oppose Uranus, Venus Oppose Uranus

Sun 8/24/08 Fast and Restless

Its going to be a fast and restless day under the Gemini Moon. We will be in the mood for games, conversations, and 2 of everything. People will be alert and talkative, and the phone may not stop ringing. There could be some emotional abuse around late morning (mid morning west coast), but all in all, a great day to share your personal messages. Major Planetary Events Today: None

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to subscribe her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. (This article can be reprinted freely online wholly or in part, as long as this bio is included.)

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