Wednesday, August 20, 2008

De-ja Vu - I've Been Here Before!

Such a strange feeling to suddenly be hit with the awareness that you have been in the exact place before, at the same time as if entering a movie that you have previously seen. It seems so surprising because we do not remember having seen the movie, but we certainly are familiar with the fact that we have.

This feeling is not really that big of a mystery of course. Its just that in our society we have not been taught many things that are natural to us a humans. Many of these things were known in times of old by shamans and pagans in the history of mankind, but modern religion did not like these ideas and they were simply covered up over time.

But dreams are a very important part of humankind and they are quite natural and cathartic when used as they should be. There are many causes of dreams and many explanations as well. However in this article we are discussing Dejavu.

While we sleep we sometimes explore possible realities that are in front of us in our spiritual form, even as our brain is sound asleep and we do not directly remember the experiences because we have never been encouraged or taught to give any importance to what happens while we sleep.

At any point in time we are heading towards certain possible outcomes in our experiences due to what we have thought or felt and what direct actions we have taken. From any point in time there are several likely and possible paths to take from where one is at. While we sleep, we often explore these possible outcomes or realities and can see them first hand as if they are completely real to us. In fact as reality is very much fluid even as our brains will scream to us that reality is very firm and set in nature. Be that as it may, we do explore these possible future outcomes and we experience the emotional tone of each experience. This exploration helps us if only on a subconscious level to pick and choose which paths we will take. The only draw back to this is that this information could be used very much consciously if we had trained ourselves to engage with the sleep activities that we have each and every night.

When we catch ourselves in a moment of reliving something that has folded out in front of us, that is because we have lived it before while we were sleeping. The emotional tone of the experience is imprinted quite deeply in our minds and emotional body. If the feeling comes with a sense of knowing the experience but not knowing how you know it, then you know that your brain was blissfully sleeping while you were exploring that future outcome.

Another point I should make regarding this is that sometimes this exploration done by the spirit of the sleeping person (while the brain is sleeping) is sometimes converted into a convoluted dream that has some of the attributes of the actual exploration but is not exactly the same. This is due to that fact that while you were exploring the future experience the brain was sleeping, but was alert enough to pick up on some of the exploration and then creates a dream based on what information the brain could grab hold of. In this case the dream will not be an exact memory of the exploration, but a partial convoluted memory then turned into a dream.

For people who develop their sleeping activities and dream recall, the direct explorations can be remember and in fact lived in real time as lucid dreams.

By: Tony Hanes

Tony Hanes

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