Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Does Superstition Really Help You Win Bingo?

By: Dallas Prevost

It's amazing how many people will believe in something superstititious if they think it will help them win at Bingo. There are some that really believe in it and then there are those that do it "just in case" it can sway their chances at winning.

But does having a lucky charm really better your chances at winning Bingo? Really, Bingo is a game of chance. It's based on the numbers like any other game of chance. How many people are playing and how many cards is each person playing at a given time. Can having a rabbits foot or some other token sway the odds in your favor?

Some people think so. In fact, they believe it so much that they bring those lucky charms and sit them out for all the world to see when they're playing. But it goes farther than that. Some believe these lucky charms will help them so much that they get offended if others touch their lucky charms. There are those that, depending on their superstition and what happens in a given period, that won't play because they believe the odds are truly against them.

If you walk into a shop of superstition...a place where you can find anything that will sway your chance...such as tarot cards and reading the will find the best of the lucky charms there. These places specialize in providing the superstitious with charms to help them overcome or achieve whatever their goal is.

However, isn't the lucky charm just a form of courage and hope? The people that rely on these items to win games of chance, games such as Bingo, aren't they just transferring their desire for something more to these items? If they are hopeful to win, then aren't they transferring their desire for winning, their hope onto this object? Or their fear of losing? Do they not put their confidence into their lucky charm every time they trust that it will overcome their fear of losing?

Whether or not lucky charms and peoples' superstitious rituals truly help people win at any game of chance, including Bingo, it's something they believe and only they can answer if it truly works. However, if they continually lose, do they stop using that item and switch or do they stop believing in lucky charms altogether? And how do they explain the person that wins time and again that doesn't have any superstition or lucky charm?

In the end, it doesn't really matter if these charms change the outcome in a game of chance...just that people have fun.

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