Saturday, August 23, 2008

Eight Tips to Maintain Tarot Cards Safe and Sound

By: Muhammad Umar


If you want to safe your tarot cards by both the physical devastation and depressing power, well there are a lot of well-known ways to guide you and do this, and this procession would entirely depend upon you, However there are some of the manners mentioned here in order to protecting your tarot cards while psychic readings.

Tips to retain tarot cards safe and sound

1. You have got to ritually make holy your deck which will be encompass through several magical ways like enrage, saline, a candle, a cup of water and the tool to be sanctified. This entire procession would keep your tarot cards safe and sound.

2. Enclose the tarot reading cards in a silk handkerchief as nobody could look at these cards and feel a sort of ambiguity about what are you doing. This method will lead you into more and more psychic and spiritual healing to read, understand, deck hard and qualify the cards for futuristic foretelling.

3. Third instruction for you is that you have got to keep hide your tarot cards in a tiny box which will take you into more intuitive focus and cognitive energy for the real prediction.

4. The forth direction for you is to set the cards in a fabric-container with a drawstring as a result you can retain the fun of tarot deck play.

5. Your tarot cards are now safe and sound lying in your secret home place, but caution is to be needed that you should stay at home until you feel comfort your tarot reading cards protected quite enough.

6. While tarot psychic reading, you may be exposed that someone read your tricks of decking hard the tarot cards. This would lead you into angry and vigorous way. In this way, you should act immediately upon the deceit of tarot cards who read your cards, so you could never be in like that state of affair.

7. If you are extremely bothered by someone else during tarot play, you should not get worried as you do have the knowledge and information of tarot psychics, so feel good, cool and calm. Come up next days plan and combat with that person who had stolen your trick of tarot card and immensely disturbed you. Go on direct mystical tarot card reading and hit the deck hard in your tarot play as it will expose the stealer within a short span of time so you could get well-known before the public.

8. If you are given tarot cards as a gift, you should not embarrass how to play. Come on! Hit hard the deck by tarot card play and be critical while perceiving the each knock of tarot card because it would give a different meaning. So be optimist and don’t leave your courage as tarot is always a companion of your fortune!

Merely requirement

• A deck of Tarot cards • A process of storage space, a bag, a silk handkerchief, and a box.

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