Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fairy Costumes Satisfy Our Love of Fantasy

By Andy West

Man's fascination with fantasy, including fairies, leprechauns and elves, began centuries ago and has never left us. Today children love to dress up in fairy costumes from the time they're toddlers, running around their homes with colorful wings strapped to their shoulders and sparkling wands clutched in their hands. Many of us never outgrow that sense of wonder and continue to be charmed by the thought of fairies all our lives.

We love fairies because they touch our sense of wonder and remind us that we can believe in something mystical and otherworldly that is good and pure and beautiful. Our passion for fairies has been a common thread across centuries and countries. Legends of mysterious fairies watching over newborns were well-known in the Middle Ages, and ancient Irish and Celtic legends of leprechauns and little people told of fairy people living in the forests and playing tricks on folks. Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream and other plays prominently featured fairies who meddled in the affairs of men. In fact, in the Renaissance Italy, fairy costumes were extremely popular with noblewomen attending the many masquerade balls that were popular in cities like Venice and Rome.

More recently, the Lord of the Rings created an entire world of elves, fairies and other creatures with their own language, culture and manner of dressing. Renaissance Fairs increased sharply in popularity after the movie trilogy was released on the big screen, with Elves, Hobbits and Dwarves appearing in full force.

Drew Barrymore's ethereal fairy costume in the romantic movie Ever After was an example of an adult costume that combined romantic femininity with fairy tale charm. Glimmering wings, gossamer layers of chiffon and soft colors gave her the illusion of glowing with light and magic.

Our love of fantasy allows us to play many roles when we dress in fairy costumes. Whether we want to reflect the delicate beauty of a woodland flower fairy or the more mischievous and dangerous look of a sultry nymph, you can find a costume you'll fall in love with. You can even find evil fairies with blood red dresses and devilish wings! Your husband may fall in love with you all over again if you slip into a sexy little set of fairy wings and skimpy adult woodland fairy costume it could be his fantasy come true!

Children's fairy costumes offer even more variety. Disney's Tinkerbelle is a perpetual favorite, but sugar plum fairies, fairy princesses and sweet pixies are available in all the colors of the rainbow. Share the fun this Halloween by ordering matching fairy costumes this year for you and your daughter you'll love trick-or-treating with her in mother-daughter fairy outfits and she'll adore wearing her fairy costume every time her friends come over to play dress up.

Add a little fantasy to your life with some lovely fairy costumes!

Andy West is a writer for Costume Super Center which offers a wide variety of costumes including fairy costumes


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