Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ghost Hunting - Increased Popularity

By Hazel Ford

Ghosts and Spirits will always have a huge fascination with us as the question about the after life is something that cannot be categorically demonstrated in a true evidential sense. There are so many people that have experienced the unexplainable or seen things that make no natural sense to them. We have people with gifts who claim to have an almost 6th sense in relation to the spirit world.

The best that we can do is to attempt to source the most haunted locations as a step towards discovering something that will give us the answers we look for. This cuts out a lot of work in one sense as it allows us to believe that activity has been witnessed in the location beforehand. We are therefore almost waiting for the said spirits and ghosts to show themselves to us mainly because of what we have been told. It is always amazing when something paranormal happens. On our investigations we have seen body parts, lights moving mysteriously around us, heard rasping breaths in our ears, been touched, prodded and poked. Doors have been slammed in our faces with nobody behind them, alarms going off is a regular occurrence but the theme that seems to recur all the time is the sense of a presence watching us. Is this because we have been told about what haunts the location or is it a real feeling borne from something else? It is doubly amazing when 3 or 4 people all experience the same feeling at the same time especially when it is dramatically different to how they have been feeling and all voice it together. Ghost hunting equipment is very relevant on the events as it give us a more scientific basis to work on. However, the difficulty with this is that you have to assume that everyone using the equipment is proficient and can collate the evidence correctly Nevertheless ghost hunting has become increasingly fascinating to many people and they are now being part of the experience that they have only previously been observers on.

The location is very important on a public ghost hunt as it really lends itself to the event and the expectation is significantly higher the more haunted it appears. For more information about our Ghost Hunt Events why not visit haunted happenings home page

Hazel Ford - Haunted Happenings

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