Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ghost Hunting - What Actually Happens?

By Hazel Ford

What do you actually do on a ghost hunt and what happens?

Guests are normally taken into haunted locations in the hope that they witness evidence of the paranormal. The ghost hunt will normally start with a welcome talk from the host and then he or she will lead you around the location on a history tour. This has two benefits, the first being you will get to hear a little about the history and reported sightings in the various areas and secondly this is your chance to get your bearings and become familiar to where you will be spending the evening. You should then be given time to do your own ghost hunting by carrying out your own vigils and then you will be brought back together and joined with the medium for the evening who will introduce the spirits and ghosts that they sense around you at that time.

You will then be split into smaller groups and undertake various ghost hunting experiments and vigils to see if you can get anything paranormal to happen.

What happens if we get scared?

Being scared isn't something to be ashamed of and you wont be laughed at and humiliated either. I'm not afraid to tell you that even to this day there are occurrences that happen on a ghost hunt that take me by surprise and I'm an experienced ghost hunter. All I will say is stick it out because it is worth it when your fright is rewarded with a sign from the spirit world. If it really does get too much though rest assured that you are in great hands and we will look after you.

Are there people dressed up that jump out the shadows?

Any team, group or business that employs actors to fake any evidence on an authentic ghost hunt is unlikely to be calling themselves a paranormal group let alone charge for events billed as a genuine ghost hunt event. We believe that any evidence that is witnessed on these events is genuine and believe me I have been stood in a cold castle at 3 in the morning and not a thing is happening..But that's the chance you take. However, all it takes is one thing to happen and I will guarantee you will be hooked.

What do I need to take with me on a ghost hunt?

Warm clothing...some of the locations you may visit have no heating, windows, fires etc so plenty of layers after all you can take them off if you get hot. Sensible shoes or trainers that are comfortable, If it is an outdoor location then some waterproofs would be very handy indeed. A torch for when you are moving around in the dark, Camera, camcorder and any medications that you usually take...ie asthma preventatives

Ghost hunting can be very slow and you may need a lot of patience but this is usually rewarded when something happens that makes you really question the truth behind ghosts and spirits.

Hazel Ford For more information about our ghost hunt event why not visit haunted happenings home page. Haunted Happenings is the UK's Leading Ghost Hunting Company. Based in Nottingham, UK we investigate some of the most haunted locations on our paranormal ghost hunt events.

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