Sunday, August 24, 2008

Got To Believe: Magic Tricks

Do you believe in magic? Well, surely you will if you have watched a magician perform magic right in front of your eye. It is really amazing how this magician do such magic tricks and viewers can hardly believe the things that they do.

I watched it on TV but haven’t seen it live, David Blaine who walks on the street and do some magic tricks. It was really amazing and I can barely believe the tricks he did. Most of the time they use a deck of card to perform magic. They will ask you to pick a card and don’t tell him what kind of card you have, usually they will ask you to put your name on the card and put it again on the deck of the card. After a while you will be surprised that the card you picked was on your pocket, much to your surprise the name you wrote is still there. Those are just some tricks that you can see and more on than they can also read minds. In a piece of paper you will ask to draw something or anything and hide it. Then the magician will get his own paper pen and look at you and concentrate to read your mind. After a minute or less the figure that you draw on your paper is exact duplicate of what he draws.

These magicians are really professional, they have a lot of magic tricks and it is really hard to believe how they do that. Basically magicians do have a lot of secrets doing that. And for those who are curios, they want to expose the tricks and learn them as well. Doing magic tricks need a lot of practice and familiarities. If you are really interested doing such magic trick, you can start with those simple magic, because if you are aiming to be a famous magician, you need to have a lot of hard work first. Levitation, walking on water is just too far ahead to start with.

Start with magic tricks that are simple but do have a lot of impact to the audience when performed. You can try using different props but this can be expensive. You can try to go to some store that sells materials to do magic and one the famous one is a deck of card. There are some cards that are made for magic and you can actually start with it.

Practice, practice and practice this will help you in mastering a magic trick. And before you perform this learned magic you need to rehearse it first so you won’t mess it up upon performing it to the public. You can ask your friends or family as for your audience.

Allison Ayson

By: Eliza Maledevic Ayson

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