Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Have a Tarot Card Party

By Jack Levine

If you are planning to have a party and are stuck for something original and fun for your guests. Consider hiring a tarot card reader for some lively entertainment for everyone at your party. It's a great way to spark some interesting conversation and ensure that everyone has a wonderful time.

The first thing that you should do is make a list of all the tarot card readers in your local area. They might not be listed in your local phone book, so you might have to ask around to find a good list to start with. Word of mouth is one of the best methods of advertising for psychics and tarot card readers. If someone has a good experience with a reader, they are very likely to share the information with their friends. Find out if any of your friends have been to see a psychic lately.

Once you have a good list, start making phone calls. You will want to ask if they do private parties and the rate that they charge. Find out if they will charge a flat rate or if they will charge for each guest at the party. You will have to let them know the number of guests you are planning for your party. Make sure that they are available for the date of your party and tell them that you will get back to them. Call all of the psychics on the list so that you are assured of getting the best price. You should also ask them if they do more than just tarot at a reading. Some of them will read palms or tea leaves along with a tarot card reading. You might get a free reading for yourself for having the party. Ask if they will throw in an extra reading for the host of the party.

Now that you have a list of psychics and their prices you can make a decision on which one you will hire. Don't simply go by price; consider the services that they will offer as well. Also, consider the feelings that you got while you were speaking on the phone. Did you feel comfortable speaking to the psychic? Once you have chosen the psychic that you will hire, make the arrangements for the night of the party.

If your party is going to be centered on the psychic reading, you should decorate for the party in the same theme. Choose tablecloths and decorations that have a metaphysical look to them. Stars and moons would be appropriate as well as any other psychic related decoration that you can think of. Make sure that there is a private place where each guest can receive his or her reading. It should be a separate room in the house so that the reading can be done in peace and quiet. Some people might feel a little uncomfortable asking the psychic questions about their life with a party full of people listening.

On party night, you will find that everyone is having a wonderful time talking about his or her reading and what the psychic told him or her. It's a great way to spend an evening with friends.

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