Thursday, August 28, 2008

Healing Features of Lapis Lazuli

By Umar Ahmed

• Lapis-Lazuli has a long history to the people all around the world. Nowadays, Lapis lazuli is considered as one of the synthetic and metaphysical gemstone.

• In the beginning, Lapis lazuli was used by most of the Babylonians, Egyptians and Assyrians.

• The Romans were used to imaging the Lapis lazuli for “Aphrodisiac”.

• Lapis was greatly appraised by Pharaohs in Egypt as a spiritual and paranormal gem as well as valuable gemstone for formulating the sculptures, jewelry and carvings due to its gorgeous capacity to take a shine and sparkling.

• Like all gems whose intention is metaphysical and restorative, selection and cleansing are tremendously vital. A physically powerful correlation with the lapis is fundamental, so take the time to scrutinize and hold each part before you formulate your procurement.

• Cleansing is vital to maintain the energies of the stone bright and antiseptic. A lot of urge washing in saline water or with a process of changing hot and cold water but this has been well-known to scratch the shine on Lapis, while other methods are preferred.

• The most successful method of cleansing any gemstone is to abscond it in sunlight for up to an hour, while the light of a bursting moon is very soon as valuable, though further time is over and over again required.

• The spacious blue color of Lapis Lazuli resounds with the forehead and throat chakras and it is known as a stone of comradeship, honesty, legitimacy and truth. In consideration to the throat chakra, Lapis can be implied in meditations and to prop up sincerity and easy communication. Lapis is connected to planets Neptune, Venus and the astrological symbols known as Sagittarius and Libra.

• It promotes inspiration and consciousness and is a magnificent friend to anyone whose service involves demanding amounts of communication for example educators.

• It has also been valuable in triumphing over hopelessness, sleeplessness and problems related to eyes and ears.

• It promotes energies and can be used as a bodily or psychically caring stone.

• Lapis lazuli is used in order to encourage the honesty and contemplate on the deep blue color of the stone and create in your mind your' throat chakra opportunity. If you are contemplating and try placing the rock directly on the chakra situated at the base of the neck and centering upon the color blue. It makes an ideal stone for jewelry that is to be located around the neck and an outstanding gift to those that have heart, mind and bodily problems.

• In nut shell, we can say that Lapis-Lazuli is the stone of both physical and psychic healing as it creates an emphatic energy and power in the people who are suffering from various kinds of depressions such as societal depression, economic worry, cultural tensions/conflicts and psychic disorders like fatigue, irritation, anxiety and depression, etc.

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