Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How Can Astrology Illuminate Our Choices of Friends - Practical Zodiac Analysis

By Carla Donnelly

Many of us are skeptical about the merits of astrological predictions and using the zodiac as a tool for insight. I remember in high school looking at my horoscope in the daily paper and it said I'd be receiving an important piece of mail that today. Well, I didn't get any mail, let alone something important.

However, I did notice that there were patterns in the choices I made for friendships. I often would choose friends that were Capricorns and were able to be analytical about things whereas I'd be more impulsive. I also found that my two favorite teachers had the same astrological sign and that they had the Leo big heart allowing me to speak with them after school about personal matters.

What this showed me as that there are certain common traits that astrological signs have and that we gravitate to certain signs and are repelled by other ones. I found that I made some bad choices in friendships when I would look for total opposites from my own traits. I had trouble breaking away from my own parents and liked rebellious guys in high school. But it would also have a lot of anguish for me because they would also rebel against me as well (though I liked that they could have some independence from their parents' demands).

I found that though those newspaper horoscopes are general, there are patterns we follow and that a reading is very helpful to assist with career and romantic choices in our lives. Writing down your past interactions with friends and romantic partners and analyzing their signs and the dynamics can be a great way to get insight and to make better decisions in the future.

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