Sunday, August 24, 2008

How Long Do We Hang Around After We Die? The Answer May Surprise You

By Melissa Van Rossum

Later in life I met a shaman who had also had a lot of experiences with disincarnates. I talked with the shaman at length about my encounters and together we realized that there was a new dimension to my purpose. There was a reason why I saw so many disincarnates and they seemed to know this reason even before I did. I was meant to help them find Their Way Home.

The shaman taught me how to do this and I knew it wouldn't be long before I had my first opportunity to give it a try.

I never had to go looking for a ghost, they would always find me. In my car, my shower - everywhere. When I lived in one particular home, they definitely had a favorite gathering spot - my clothes closet. No one ever wanted to go in my closet, and it was easy to understand why. It was always filled with disincarnates. Generally speaking it looked like the waiting room of a doctor's office.

After meeting the shaman, I went home and walked in my closet with a new purpose and my visitors seemed to know it. Everyone was staring at me, waiting for me to take the lead. I decided to start with the gentleman to my left in the red plaid shirt and began following the teachings the shaman gave me. "Okay," I exhaled as I faced him. I didn't expect to hear anything from him but as soon as I acknowledged him he began to speak.

As he asked me to help his wife, images of how he had been murdered filled my mind. The dress and demeanor of this man and of those who had killed him showed me that this was not a recent event. He had died about 25 years earlier.

Unsettled from his own tragic and shocking death, he had been wandering the earth trying to find resolution, and justice, and support for his mourning wife.

I guided him home, and as I lay in bed that night the vivid stories of those I had helped that day swirled through my mind. Just as in the mediumship readings I did, these encounters had been intense and memorable.

Throughout the coming years I would guide thousands of people home. Sometimes the experience was quick and though they were grateful, the person or persons had nothing to say, and other times the encounter was emotionally intimate, deeply meaningful and rich with learning.

Some of the ghosts whom I helped had only been dead for a few weeks, others had wandered the earthplane for several decades and still others had been lost and haunting for hundreds of years.

There is a short window between our death and our burial when we're allowed to visit loved ones and attend our funeral and our burial. After that, angels and deceased loved ones come for us and we're guided to go home. Though not everyone follows this guidance, most of us do.

Though I didn't immediately know the value of these souls' presence in my life, I've since seen people's day to day life improve dramatically after I've removed an earth bound disincarnate from their home. And I've seen these lost souls find the love and the healing they've searched out all their lives as I helped them to find Their Way Home.

Melissa Van Rossum is an accomplished psychic, empath and author. It is her life's work to help people awaken to their dreams by showing them how to tap into their own Divine Guidance. In her first book, All You've Ever Known, Melissa reveals a process to deepen your intuition called TruAwareness. Her latest book, Their Way Home shares for the first time the very personal stories of her encounters with real life ghosts who searched her out in their quest to find their way home. Plenty of books have been written about ghost sightings but in this book Melissa shares the stories behind why these souls chose to linger on the earth plane and how you can live a happier life by learning from the mistakes they made in life, and in death. Sign up for Melissa's free newsletter and learn more about her books by visiting

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