Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How a Ouija Board Works

By Tony Hanes

What makes a ouija board work?

Well thats not really as mysterious as everyone thinks. Its just a matter of energy. Not just yours and your partners, but also energy of whom ever you have invited to communicate with you.

To understand this, you need to understand some simple basics. Everything is made of energy; the physical body, the spiritual body and the mind. Even the Ouija Board is made of energetic atoms flying around in a whirlwind. Quantum physic's has proven that matter will react based only on the intention of the observer. This has been noticed and proven only on the most minute particles of the universe, but ultimately this relationship affects the larger whole. This phenomenon would lead one to believe that this science is what Jesus would have used to work his miracles.

The smallest of physical particles can be affected simply by the intention of the observer. The Ouija Board becomes a focal point in the intentions of the user as well as the intentions of the "spirit" or "spirits" who wish to communicate. This combination of intents allows the planchette to be moved in what is much of a subconscious effort, where the energies of the players (both physical and spirit) are working together to move the planchette. In a true Ouija experience, the planchette is not moved in a conscious effort by any physical party, but is moved by being influenced in a subconscious effort, which in effect will control the movement of the planchette.

It is vitally important that one prepares before the Ouija experience. Like -energy always attracts like- energy. If your preparation of the experience is by inviting something scary to happen, then I can assure you something scary may very well happen, and may be difficult to deal with emotionally. There is no shortage of "bad spirits" as there are no shortage of "bad people". If you wish to attract a scary or negative experience, then you most likely will.

Most people play the Ouija Board with a silly type of expectation, simply in an effort to have some fun. Even then, one can invite a prankster from the other side, who you may wish you had not attracted.

Look at it like this. In the physical world, criminals one way or another are attracted to each other. They may wind up in prison together, or they often times live together in the same neighborhoods. Like-energy attracts like-energy. Same in the spirit world! Most people when they cross over go into the light and simply move away from the earth frequency to do bigger and better things. However some, for one reason or another will stay in the earth frequency to be around past addictions or people. Of all the spirits still attracted to the earth frequency, there are what we would consider good and bad.

If you want to host a birthday party, you would not go to a prison to do this. If you want to communicate with the "other-side" you do not want to bring the prison to you. You want to set positive intention before using the Ouija.

Keep in mind, that the entity that you do invite to communicate with will often times be on or near the same level as you are .. like-energy attracts like-energy. If you are a jerk, then you will not likely attract a guardian angel to converse with you. If you are a person who is compassionate to others and is always looking to expand your knowledge of life, then you may very likely attract a spirit who can and will give you what you are looking for.

I will freely admit it takes time to trust the ouija board and how it works. When you use the ouija board with others, you wonder are they moving the planchette on purpose? When you use it by yourself, you are sure you are not really moving it but you still tend to distrust the validity of the experience. The trust will come in time and using a healthy scepticisim is fine.

The science behind the movement of the planchette would technically classify the the experience as supernatural. Personally I dont like using that word because to me it is the most natural thing of all. It is only supernatural to people who have not developed interests and experiences beyond what most of society considers normal.

Always take any information gained in the experience with a grain of salt. If you have attracted a reputable guide of sorts, then over time the information can be validated.

Tony Hanes

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