Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How to Cast a Spell to Attract a Lover

By Alison Yates

Anyone can cast a spell, and you can cast a spell to attract love into your life, or that special someone. Many spell casters use a variety of ingredients or correspondences, but you are the only essential ingredient in any Magic. There can be no barriers to achieving what you desire -- if you believe.

Much of Spell Casting uses the imagination, and this, together with belief, is a vital ingredient. If you can believe that you will achieve your desired results strongly enough, that act is a magical ritual that will achieve your results.

To invoke the Magic to produce what you desire, visualise it -- as clear and specific as you are able. Spend some time with the images in your mind. Believe now that you have achieved what you desire. Imagine all the feelings and emotions that accompany it. Imagine how your senses will react. After a few moments say to yourself: "So shall it be."

Choose a convenient time in advance. The best time for Spell Work is midnight.

Take a bath -- illuminated by candlelight. As you wash, cleanse from you all your negativity, and all your worries and anxieties. Cleanse yourself in the knowledge that you are preparing for a ritual of Magic that will bring you peace and abundance, and what you desire most.

Go to a quiet place, anywhere where you will be undisturbed. Take with you your Book of Shadows (if you have one) or some paper and a pen. If you have a crystal or other focus, take this too.

Start by preparing your altar. Your altar can be anything that will accommodate a candle, three small bowls, and your Focus (if you have one). A small table or box will do. Dress it with a plain or coloured cloth if you wish.

Place your candle on the Altar and light it (make sure it is stable and won't topple!). The lit candle will represent the element Fire. In one small bowl pour some water, representing the element Water. In one small bowl place some salt, representing the element Earth. The empty bowl represents the element Air. Thus are all the elements represented on your altar: Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

Next, you must clean your Space to rid it of any negativity. Stand near your altar and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and hold. Exhale slowly and as you do so imagine all the negative energy present being dispelled away.

Now, Cast your Circle.

Visualise a compete circle around you enclosing you in a perfect sphere that arches through the ground and over your head, including your Altar, with you in the very centre of it. See your Circle as a barrier against negativity.

With your Circle cast, you can invoke the energy and power that you need.

Standing before your Altar, with all the elements represented, close your eyes then experience each and every one as it touches you. Use your imagination and:

For Fire, feel the warmth of the sun on your face

For Air, feel a soft warm breeze on your cheek

For Water, feel your hand in a mountain stream

For Earth, feel the warm grass beneath your bare feet

With your eyes still closed, imagine the power and energy and wisdom of the Universe flowing down from the heavens into your head from above.

When you are full, state your purpose to yourself. This is your wish or desired result. Remember it has to be specific, positive, and believable.

Write it down in your Book of Shadows, or on a piece of paper. As you write it, state it.

To perform the Spell, hold your Focus in your principal hand (if you have one), and state your desired outcome again three times. As you state it, visualise it.

When you have completed your Spell Affirmation, say: "SO SHALL IT BE!"

Release the energy into the Universe by tensing all your body and imagining a white light of energy bursting from you into the sky above as you relax.

Next, release and ground yourself by dispelling the Circle. Imagine this circle around you as before, then let it contract and disperse.

Give grateful thanks for the abundance in your life -- you are free to go.

Once Cast, do not discuss your Spell with a living soul!

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