Saturday, August 9, 2008

Literal and Symbolic Meanings - The Death Card - Gypsy Card Theory

By Esther Gombor

Dear Gypsies! As we have seen, the Gypsy cards serve us on various levels: they guide us to our path, they offer wonderful gifts and, through magic, they strengthen the energies and align the synchronizing forces around us. Each Gypsy card has multiple meanings ranging from the most straight forward to the most symbolic. Which meaning is the correct one is one of the challenges in card reading; that is where our intuition becomes important. Intuition and knowledge are what make up a correct card reading; if any of these is missing, the reading becomes wobbly and inaccurate.

One of the most controversial cards in the deck is the Death card. Many of my clients start panicking when they see it thinking that it refers to death in a literal sense. Let me clarify one thing: no one has the power to predict literal death. Among its many metaphorical meanings, the Death card also symbolizes change, transformation: for something to cast itself into a new form, its old form has to die. A symbolic death is necessary for rebirth as shedding what no longer works allows for something new to come in. While Death refers to the door that closed, it carries within itself the potentiality for a new one to open.

At times, of course, the Death card simply indicates that something has run its course. My friend Leah asked me recently about her relationship, and sadly, the Death card confirmed what she already suspected: the end of her slowly dying romance. She called her boyfriend who admitted his desire to separate finally. Although they had had issues before and Leah had come to several readings, not once had the Death card surfaced; there was always a new angle to be explored that saved their relationship. This time, the appearance of the Death card was highly symbolic: the romance has run its course, and as painful as it seemed, there was no rope to cling to; letting go of the dead energies was important. Naturally, Leah was hurting as the symbolic meaning of the Death card also represented the ending of an important chapter in her life. But without death there is no rebirth, and a new phase in her life needed the stage now; she needed to let the synchronizing forces realign around her and bring her a new and healthy relationship.

As we can see, in our lifetime, we die and resurrect hundreds of times. Some of our deaths are small, and some are big and painful. Through our symbolic deaths, we become stronger and wiser and learn not to repeat mistakes; our symbolic deaths carry us to eventual perfection and harmony.

Be sure to talk about the silver lining when the Death card comes up in a reading, and dispel the panic a literal interpretation can provoke. Remember, the Gypsy cards always want the best for us; when they indicate that a symbolic death is on its way, we must understand that the time for a new phase has begun.

Esther Gombor, a Hungarian-born romantic, has managed to finally dispel the mysteries surrounding her own life and everyone else's who has asked for her help. She is the author of the book: Fortune Telling with Gypsy cards; Dispel the Mysteries Surrounding Life and Romance. Her fabulous guide to reading illustrated fortune telling cards is the crystallized essence of her native Hungarian culture, her extensive traveling throughout Europe and her Master's degree in Italian Medieval and Renaissance literature. Although she lives in Toronto, Canada, where she writes, she spends most of her summers in her native country to keep on researching more secrets for her next book.

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