Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Month of Virgo, 2008

By Sharita Star

As Virgo begins, we become aware that the summer season is getting ready for change our Sun enters the innocent and refined energy of the Virgin. Mercury's channel of femininity that flows through Virgo urges the collective to pay close attention to detail and selfless acts. These flaw-spotting natives enjoy communication on all levels, fixing what is wrong, and being of service to those around them. Wherever you find a humble soul being efficient within a routine in life, you'll find a health-minded Virgo close by.

With an innate perfectionist instinct the Virgin is known to be a shy and practical spirit, sometimes preferring to be behind the scenes of life. They must learn to stray from becoming worrisome, for when they gravitate to self-doubt and critical attitudes as they go about the world, their natural sense of intuition closes off. A Virgo should always remember they must pay close attention to the tendency to nit-pick, least they should not be in the same expectation of personal ideals when it comes to relating to others. Honing in on their natural sense of service, always honoring the deep sense of both inner and outer health, allows the Virgin's earthly domain to undoubtedly be the best they can be for those they love.

The properties of Virgo rule the 6th Zodiac House in the natal birth chart. This denotes the area of life that represents our ability to serve, along with our physical health and hygiene, the very opposing area of life from our subconscious process and inner world. As one views their natal chart, the natal house Virgo energy falls is the one area of the "Zodiac Pie" where one will see a detailed and pure approach behind all you do. Any planets that may be placed in Virgo in the birth chart also take on their innate expression through the qualities of this servitude and mindful sign.

Virgo is our second mutable and earth sign upon the Zodiac Wheel. The collective naturally gravitates to the richest time of harvest as the summer season is soon to come to a close. Change loving Mercury ensures this is a time of transition, as the lazy splashy days of The Lion's season switch back to work and routine. With this guidance of The Messenger, the month ahead will be filled with plenty of knowledge, attention to detail and selfless tasks. Look around to those people in your life that make all of the behind the scenes things happen without missing a beat, and the Virgin will not be far away, making sure the job gets done correctly.

Within this month of Virgo both current transits of Mercury and Venus move straight ahead into Libra, keeping just one Zodiac sign ahead of the Sun. As Virgo's natural ruler visits the sign of relationships, we can see collective thinking and mentality yearning for balance and calm. Value-oriented Venus urges all types of partnerships to seek to understand one another. Over September 7th to the 9th look to your Libra ruled Zodiac house for the most dynamic changes to occur within this area of the life as these inner planets catch up with the driving energy of Mars.

Jupiter leaves a 4 month Retrograde period and moves forward once again during its' year visit in Capricorn. If these last few months have shown some pause dear Goats, fear not as now your full luck and fortune returns, as well as for those experiencing a Jupiter Return. The Capricorn piece of your "Zodiac Pie" will be the slice of life that the spirit of optimism will optimally be engaged-embrace the opportunity!

Pluto also returns to Direct motion after its' 5 month Retrograde visit where it dipped back into the last 2 degrees of Sagittarius. The planet of long-term transformation will make this last passage for a couple hundred years with the Archer until Thanksgiving. The collective is advised to stimulate ultimate faith in human nature while gaining confidence in one's prophetic abilities. Any soul currently living on the Earth will not in their lifetime ever see Pluto reenter Sagittarius again- with it's vast elliptical orbit it will not do so until 2242!

May the remainder of the season find each and every Star adapting to purity, dedicated service and graciousness that allows their light to shine in the fullest mental health.

Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. She is available for all levels of astrological, numerical and lexigram analysis through readings and party services, available at: - She resides between New York City and Chatham, NY and currently is finishing her first book.

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