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Moon Phases For Hair September 2008

By Laraine Mesavage

Apply the principles of moon phases for hair care to more than just a cut or perm. Hair removal through waxing or laser depilatory are among those to consider. Use both the moon phase and astrological sign related to the area of the body that is affected for best results.

Of course, this information is not given as medical advice; however, when you do have a choice for appointments, and see your doctor when it is appropriate for your issue, use these four steps to pick the best day.

1. Waning moon. We choose a day during the two weeks of the waning moon for each office or salon visit to take advantage of the decreasing and releasing effect of this part of the moon cycle, just like with the hair cut. This is the time period after the full moon, but not including the full moon. The days that are closer to the New Moon are best.

2. Astrological sign. In addition to the waning moon, Hippocrates, the Greek doctor, stated: "Do not touch with iron those parts of the body that are governed by the sign through which the moon is passing." Since the laser depilation and waxing are not wellness treatments and are fairly strong procedures compared to a simple hair cut, choose a day that avoids the moon sign and the whole month of the sun sign in relation to the affected part of the body.

Here are the areas of the body and their ruling signs to avoid. From the nose to the top of the head, avoid the days ruled by Aries. Avoid days ruled by Taurus when treating the neck area. When the moon or sun is in Gemini, avoid these two treatments in the area of the shoulders, arms and hands. Avoid treating the chest area during the sign of Cancer and Leo, and the back during Leo. When the moon or sun is in Virgo, avoid treating the stomach, and the lumbar region, hip, and buttocks during Libra. The areas of the sexual organs should be avoided for laser depilation and waxing when the sun or moon are in the sign of Scorpio. Avoid the thigh area during the sign of Sagittarius and the knees when the sun or moon is in Capricorn. For the lower leg and ankles, avoid the sign of Aquarius, and for the feet, avoid Pisces. When you have plenty of time and options, also avoid the next closest sign and area of the body.

3. Avoid the Pisces and Cancer moon signs. If you have been following this series of articles, you know that this is a controversial topic. The final result of a recent poll was 60% in favor and 39% who did not agree. While some astrologers do not avoid these signs, let's examine the possible reasons for avoiding hair treatments during the Pisces and Cancer moon signs. Cancer would appear to be an excellent choice for hair treatments because it is ruled by the moon and water, but for that very reason the sign fosters a more emotional condition than usual. These changeable aspects are more vulnerable than, say, Aquarius. Also, blood and the major organs of the body from lung to liver are the territory of the sign of Cancer. In either case of emotional or physical attributes, it would seem to be good counsel to steer clear of these important variables as the higher sense of using the time would be to examine the inner vision.

The fixed quality of Scorpio does not have the inner focus that dominates the signs of Cancer and Pisces. Pisces is mystical like Cancer with an even deeper focus on inner vision. It may be for this reason as well as the fact that Pisces rules the feet that is advised to avoid hair and surgical treatments when the moon or sun is traveling through it. We know from virtually all of the alternative therapies that the feet have direct meridian connections to all points on the body.

4. Steer clear of the void-of-course hours when the moon is unsettled and has left a moon sign and has not yet reached the next one. This time is better suited for those activities that do not have a high priority or are focused on helping others. Routine tasks and relaxation are better bets during the void of course.

While our modern beauty practices go beyond the traditions of folklore, we can adapt them to practice the best of both worlds.

Moon Phases for Hair September 1, 2008

Based on Pacific Standard Time:

MT Mountain Time add 1 hour

CST Central Time add 2 hours

EST Eastern Time add 3 hours


* You may choose to avoid treatment as recommended during Pisces and Cancer moons as well as the Void of Course times

Avoid hair care*: Sep 13 after 6a*, Sep 14*, Sep 15 before 12p*, Sep 21 after 10p*, Sept 22*, Sep 23. Avoid hair treatment during void of course: Sep 1 2a-5a, Sep 3 10a-1p, Sep 5 after 8a, Sep 8 9a-1p, Sep 10 after 6a, Sep 11 before 1a, Sep 13 6a-9a, Sep 15 12p-3p, Sep 17 3p-6p, Sep 19 3p-9p, Sep 21 10p-11p, Sep 23 after 2p, Sep 24 before 3a, Sep 26 4a-7a, Sep 28 10a-1p, Sep 30 6p-10p

Color hair: Sep 1 before 2a, Sep 11 after 1a, Sep 12, Sep 13 before 6a, Sep 26 after 7a, Sep 27, Sep 28 before 10a. Color roots for slow re-growth: Sep 18, Sep 19 before 3p and after 9p, Sep 20, Sep 21 before 10p and after 11p*, Sep 22*, Sept 23 before 2p*, Sept 24 after 3a, Sept 25, Sep 26 before 4a and after 7a

Cut hair to avoid breakage and splitting: Sep 7, Sep 8 before 9a and after 1p, Sep 9, Sep 10 before 6a, Sep 11 after 1a, Sep 12, Sep 13 before 6a and after 9a*. Cut hair to grow faster: Sep 1 before 2a and after 5a, Sep 2, Sep 3 before 10a and after 1p, Sep 4, Sep 5 before 8a, Sep 6, Sep 7, Sep 8 before 9a and after 1p, Sep 9, Sep 10 before 6a, Sep 11 after 1a, Sep 12, Sep 13 before 6a and after 9a*, Sep 14*, Sep 29, Sep 30 before 6p and after 10p. Cut hair to grow slower: Sep 16, Sep 17 before 3p, Sep 19 after 9p, Sep 20, Sep 21 before 10p, Sep 24 after 3a, Sep 25, Sep 26 before 4a, Sep 28 after 1p

Cut hair to grow thicker: Sep 3 after 1p, Sep 4, Sep 5 before 8a, Sep 8 after 1p, Sep 9, Sep 10 before 6a, Best Sep 15 before 12p*, Sep 24 after 3a, Sept 25, Sep 26 before 4a. Cut hair to keep the style the longest: Sep 1 before 2a, Sep 26 after 7a, Sep 27, Sep 28 before 10a

Cut hair to keep vital energy: Sep 2, Sep 12. Permanent wave: Sep 1 before 2a, Sep 11 after 1a, Sep 12, Sep 13 before 6a, Sep 26 after 7a, Sep 27, Sep 28 before 10a. Permanent wave you want to be frizzy: Sep 24 after 3a, Sep 25, Sep 26 before 4a


The Moon Phases for Hair by Date is available in a convenient table format that includes the moon phase, moon sign and void of course hours. Find it at this link:

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