Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Moon Tarot Card - Can it Shed Sufficient Light on the Path You Must Take?

By Alison Yates

The Moon card can be seen as a very mystical and mysterious tarot card if it turns up in a tarot spread in a tarot reading. The recipient should be very in tune with their intuition and their feminine qualities.

Some of the questions this card poses when it is drawn in a tarot reading are:

* Do you feel nurtured, valued and protected?

* Do other people see and know the real you?

* When you are lost, do you ask for help, or do you struggle on alone?


The traits that the Moon card portrays in relation to personality is someone who is losing direction and purpose in their life. They are struggling to think clearly at this time.

Family and friends

For family and friends, the Moon card indicates someone in a relationship who is not thinking clearly and is seeing things through rose-tinted spectacles, not accepting the truth that is clearly seen by everyone else. Such a person is perhaps deceiving themselves at this time.


In relation to health, the Moon card suggests feelings and moods are at a low ebb. Phobias are controlling life and anxieties are stifling enjoyment and creativity.

Love Life

In relation to someone's love life this card predicts a period of losing direction and purpose. Perhaps it also indicates a fear of never finding true love, and perhaps making do with an unsuitable person.


In relation to a person's career, the Moon tarot card often indicates a feeling of being unclear about future dreams and goals. To counteract this influence, the recipient of this card must write down clear goals and desires to illuminate and clarify what they really want.

The appearance of the Moon card can indicate a recipient who is going through a time of uncertainty, confusion, and high emotion. The best way to deal with this time is just allow things to unfold, and try not to force issues that are beyond understanding under this light.

Be assured that things are being sorted out, although this won't be clear at this time.

This card is associated particularly with the feminine spirit, emotions and intuition. Beware though, because it can also show deceit and the possibility that you are being taken advantage of. This card is a warning -- don't rush into things, and make sure you are not deceiving yourself or being deceived.

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