Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Teeth Fell Out In My Dream!

Not my Teeth!

Dreams are a wonderful world of symbolic inturpertation of our emotional holdings that we carry with us through life. There are often times many emotional situations that present themselves in dreams and oftentimes with a possible solution for the emotional baggage. These dreams show us in situations where we are afraid of some kind of monster or evil person to getting shot, killed or punching with weightless swings in a fight.

Sometimes a dream has a message directly from your physical body to you. Our physical bodies try very hard to tell us what we need to do to keep it healthy and maintained, but in our daily activities we sometimes tend not to listen. Then our subconscious will tell us what the body has been trying to tell us through a dream. Loosing teeth is a common dream, believe it or not as I have often times heard people ask for possible meanings of this dream.

The teeth falling out often times are due to one of two possible meanings. The first is a rather direct implication, in that you the dreamer have been neglecting your teeth and are headed straight away to the orthodontist to get a deep scaling from having a case of gingivitis that you are not aware of. I have seen this happen first hand with my own dream and shortly after having a severe infection of my gums which lead me straight away to the dentist. I had not been flossing as I should have, and as a result my body was trying to tell me, YOU BETTER START CLEANING YOUR TEETH BETTER!

Another possible meaning of this dream is more symbolic in nature and has a more emotional meaning than physical. Symbolicaly teeth represent part of our face of course, and also how we sustain ourselves. Naturally we use our teeth to eat food and a healthy set of teeth does represent a healthy constitution. But if this were an emotional dream this would be representing something along these lines... you feel or have been feeling that you do not have your best face forward. You may have been feeling that you are not taking care of yourself as well as you should be. The cause of the dream being an emotional lack of confidence in yourself as you take care of yourself and how you present that ability towards others. This dream would be pointing out that you should think about what has been causing you to feel this way so that you can bring the issue out into your conscious mind.

Unresolved emotional issues often times come to the front in our dreams and the purpose of them is to recognize the underlying issue so that the conscious mind can process the emotion that one is covering up.

By: Tony Hanes

Tony Hanes

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