Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Number 1 in Finances and the Power of Conflicts in Numerology

By Dennis Francis

I've been asked repeatedly about Numerology and money.

Money is defined as the token used for the exchange of goods and services. Many people have different ideas and pre-conceptions about money. I've often heard or have even said "Why is he making so much money and I'm not?"

What makes some people more attractive to money making opportunities than others? Why do some people keep it while others seem to watch money slip through their fingers?

I believe that environmental factors play a large roll in the person's relationship to money, there are some interesting connections between the Life Path, the Soul Urge and the Birth Day. A person's numerological components work like a lock and key system. All the components fit together to create a specific and unique identity. You have specific strengths and weaknesses; you are composed of contrasts and contradictions. There are those with less love conflicts and there are those with less financial conflicts. These numerological components need to be examined to pull your strengths out and bolster your weaknesses. Sometimes your Pinnacles; the nine year cycle that subtly influences your environment may be taking you in a different direction for specific lessons that need to be learned. A thorough chart can identify the areas of conflict or trend lines that relate to your financial outlook.

The Money Vibration of One:

If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th,or the 28th; of the month you may regard money for what it can bring you. Money like power is a means to an end to you. The best way of making money for you is to enter fields or occupations that are new, trend-setting, original, or off the beaten path.

You have the potential to make your money striking out on your own, through self employment, or a management position. Ensure that you develop a self-motivating attitude; you will have to rely on yourself generally. Focus on prosperity and watch your credit habits. April and August followed by February are significant months for your business transactions. Pay close attention to loans and other financial transactions carried out with those born in January, May and October.

Your ability to think on your feet and remain strong in the face of competition is part of the legacy of this vibration. You are also inclined to be original, inventive, pioneering, ambitious, determined and pigheaded. My favorite quote for your character is from a Woody Allen film.

'Sorry officer, 'he says as he rips his driver's license into tiny bits. I have this problem with dealing with authority.' This is your problem also. Self-interest is to you, what insulin is to a diabetic. It's a pain the arm to deal with but you can't live without it.

You naturally strive for individuality and leadership. Try to let no one take that gift of self away or smash it with rules and regulations. You will be able to lead and direct soon enough. Then you will be able to appreciate the misery you have caused others as a subordinate. The power in your talent is like using your head and tempering it with your heart. Your vibration is a masculine one in nature.

It cannot listen or follow. You sometimes must go through the hell you were warned of to understand the meaning of CAUTION. The experience can then never be forgotten. At times you will be seen as overbearing, vain, egotistical, and selfish. Look, someone has to be that way, if it gets the job done, then que sera, sera. We all have our job to do in life, do your thing while others do theirs. It will all come out right in the end."

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Rose said...

I don't buy into all the negative hype about money. I believe money and numerology are closely linked by things are starting to look better.