Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Number 2 in Finances and the Power of the Pinnacles in Numerology

By Dennis Francis

"So what differentiates a winning financial vibration from on that is a loser?" This question was posed to me by a client who felt that his luck had run out. He was in a pinnacle of change and though he had the natural skills for making money, he was in a phase of transition and was probably reacting to the changes in his life.

Pinnacles play a major roll in the main path of our life path. They are the major tests you experience during a phases. These tests take place whether you're prepared or not. The phases are accurate and represent significant changes. Pinnacles represent a crossroad in which you must make a decision regarding your direction.

Pinnacles are found on your birth path. Your day of birth, Month and Year of birth configures your four Pinnacles. The numbers of your pinnacle represent the opportunities available to you. If your Pinnacle was focused on loneliness and being alone, you might have learned the lesson in your previous Pinnacle; if so you might experience the "7 Pinnacle" through lowered financial outlook and study. A "7 Pinnacle" might not be the best time to go for those major financial deals unless your intellect will be put to the test.

Don't be intimidated by Pinnacles, after all, they can be seen as a measure of your growth and development.

The First Pinnacle is found by adding the digit of the month to the digit of the day.

The Second Pinnacle is found by adding the digit of the day to the digit of the year.

The Third Pinnacle is found by adding the first and second Pinnacles together.

The Fourth Pinnacle is found by adding the digits of the month and the year of birth.

The bottom line is that there are many internal and external numerical influences. You can track them but don't be fooled into thinking that your held back by the numbers; you are merely being tested.

The Money Vibration of Two:

You might be shy about making money on your own if your birth day ads up to a two. You can listen and follow directions very well. You can work well with others and give love and attention without hesitation. Your money works best when earned in smaller amounts over time.

Partnerships tend to pay off later for you and the exercise of patience and perseverance brings big dividends. You have the ability to get what you want without doing it yourself. You gain through association and easily attract people who will help and protect you.

There needs to be balance in your life in order for your to be a success. Your best days of the week are, Monday, followed by Friday. March, May, July, August and October are important months. Take full advantage of days that add up to 2, 11, 29 in any month.


Diplomacy, Patience, Rhythm, Sensitivity.

Actor, Artist, bank teller, caterer, collector, computer expert, cook, dancer, diplomat, editor, homemaker, mediator, musician, nutritionist, poet, psychiatrist, sailor, secretary, statistician, or teacher.

When and if you decide to partnerships choose a date adding up to 2, 7, or 6. If possible, avoid January, April, and November and the 8th, 9th, 17th, 18th, 26th, or the 27th.

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