Monday, August 18, 2008

The Number 3 in Finances and the Power of the Challenges in Numerology

By Dennis Francis

If you are someone who finds themselves without much income these days and you look back in frustration to the days of financial stability, take heart. You are facing a challenge in life that can often be isolated, identified and overcome. There are several factors that can contribute to a dramatic change in financial fortune; the Personal Trends; Change of Personal Year, Pinnacles, the Challenges. This does not absolve you of making choices that in hindsight were disastrous, the problem is figuring out the pattern you are in and how you fit in it. Success and failure leaves clues.

Let's use an example; a person with a 3 day of birth who harmonizes with creativity, self expression, and ambition; has a Life Path of 7 and a Major Challenge of 4. If they are the hard working type who puts in 110% but finds themselves facing a Personal Year of 7, this might be the time to step back and analyze the direction they are going in and perhaps make some internal corrections. They might be over compensating their Challenge and ignoring the fun and carefree aspects associated with the 3 day of birth. The 7 year of life coupled with their 7 Life Path brings them to a point of personal reflection.

How that plays out in their financial life might be tied to appearance and status. The 3 personality is an ambitious one. The 3 person will sometimes revert to juvenile behavior when confronted with too much financial stress. Excess spending and impulse buying can be a response to feelings of impending deprivation.

Like the Pinnacles, the three Challenges are calculated by the day month and year of birth. Reduce the birth date to single digits for example 12-30-1963 to (3-3-1), Subtract the month (3) from the day (3). One from the the other; the lessor from the greater (3-3=0). The First Minor Challenge = 3. Subtract the day digit (3) from the year digit (1) = 2. This is the Second Minor Challenge = 2. Take the first Minor Challenge and subtract it from the Second Minor Challenge. You have the Major Challenge =1.

The Money Vibration of Three:

You can build your career by thinking big. You will need to curb your impulses and bu

You are the entertainer, proud, ambitious and always willing to talk describes you. There are few who can top you when it comes to climbing up the ladder of success. As a natural critic, you tend to voice your opinions often and forcefully. There is an individuality in your dress, your style and your manner. You can never be subjected to someone else's rule for very long. You excel in the arts, government and religious areas. Social, friendly and outgoing, you tend to be seen by others as superficial because of your overly optimistic and child-like simplification of the facts of life. You are basically conscientious and respected by your friends and peers.


Artistic, Expressive, Ambitious, Popular, Confident, Musical. Actor, artist, administrator, entertainer, fashion designer, government official, horse trainer, illustrator, jeweler, judge, lawyer, minister, photographer, publisher, religious official, socialite, writer, veterinarian, youth councilor.

You are attractive to those born on days that add up to 3, 6, or 9. Those born in March, December, April, November and May. Take care when dealing with those born in February, June August and September or on days adding up to 4 or 5.

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