Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Numerology Forecast - September 2008

By Laraine Turner

The Numerology forecast for September 2008 revolves around the number 1.

September in any year is very important in Numerology as like school terms it's (in some ways) the start of a new year.

As a Numerologist, I still wait until January to say that a new year has truly begun, but I believe that some vibration of the following year starts to have an effect from the September before.

The cross-over date specifically is September the 9th, when universally the world is on the same number Day, Month & Year.

For example - this year September the 9th is a 1 Day, on a 1 Month of a 1 Year.

This is worked out by the following methods:

Year- Universally 2008 is a 1 Year.

2+0+0+8= 10/1+0=1

Making September a 1 Year.

Month- As we're already on a Universal 1 year, this makes January a 2 month, February a 3 month etc....all the way through to September being a 1 Month.

Day- 9 (day) + 1(September is a 1 month this year) = 10/1+0=1 making September the 9th a 1 Day.

So as you now (hopefully) understand why September the 9th is a 1 day, of a 1 month on a 1 year. I will now explain why it is so auspicious.

The number 1 relates to movement, change, new beginnings, originality, invention, innovative ideas and the self.

Universally, the whole of September will be an excellent time for all of these things.

Of course, nothing is ever handed to anyone on a plate so the number 1 requires us to take the first nervous step in whatever direction we'd like to go, first. Then, once the Universe is aware that we've taken the initiative it will continue to support us in our endeavors.

Pluck up the courage to go for what you really want this month, be self-assertive & self-confident with the knowledge that the Universal Numerological forecast supports you all the way!

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