Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oneness and the Universe

By Katheryn Hoban

Some will tell you that we are vastly different and that we have nothing in common with the rest of the world. It is true that there are many differences between world cultures, world religions, languages, and how people earn their livelihoods, raise their children and perceive information around them. On the outside differences may be evident. Skin color, eye color, hair textures, choices of tattoos, body piercings, clothing, and choices of affiliations may suggest separateness. Acts of violence and aggression of one person to another or from one nation to another suggest a dislike and intolerance for that person or nations' choices of being. The United States doesn't tolerate acts of aggression against itself or its belief system but will attack another country in a misconceived notion of honor, and righteousness. If you look at history, almost every nation on this planet at one time or another, had violence, civil wars, and skirmishes or wars with bordering nations in their past. So, not so different now.

Planet Earth is one world in a Universe that contains many levels, dimensions, inhabitants, colors, sounds, light, thought, infinite structure, nations, worlds, and galaxies. The inhabitants of each world and each galaxy may have great structural differences, with vastly different functions, and different specialties. They don't always have the human form that you expect or imagine. They are different shapes, different sizes, and different levels of advancements.

If you start to break down the function and structure of each form you begin to see the underlying similarities. You begin to recognize the mechanics of movement, of causal effect, of thought process on a very grand scale. You begin to see that each large thing is broken down into smaller and smaller units of matter. Each and every form in this universe is designed with specific purposes, specific functions and precise systems of movement, rotation, acceleration, deceleration, cause and effect. Every single form has a gestation period, a period of growth, and build up, from a smaller immature form, to a fully formed, adult form. There is a birthing process, a maturing process, and a dying process, and an immergence into another developed form. Right now the universe is the biggest form of which we are aware.

If you were an astronomer you would know for certainty that the universe has form and structure. You could tell that something or some structure is holding the universe "up", you would see that there are certain patterns of forms that you see in a repeating patterns, like stars, novas, planets and life forms, milky ways, black holes, worm holes, suns, and moons.

As the astronomer you would also know that the universe is not a stagnant form, that there is tremendous amount of movement, rotations, alignments, adjustments, and system processes that are going on subtly every microsecond. You would know that there are certain universal laws and mechanical structures that are in place and that function whether we are aware of them or not. One is cause and effect. It means that if you push hard enough on one side of a form you will create an impact on the other side of the form. Another is gravity, which seems to be associated with the solid planet or star forms. When you are on a planet you are subject to the law of gravity. When something goes up, it must come down. I think this keeps us grounded to the planet that we belong to, and we can't just float away. Another force is the magnetic force field that is around everything, that repels or attracts like things to itself or away from it. The planets don't collide with each other because of the magnetic force field that repels the other forms and planets. You attract certain people to you because of your magnetic vibrations that you are both emanating. Rotation of form is another mechanical function that is happening. Planets rotate around a sun, and rotate on their own axis. There are clusters of forms that create galaxies. There is light and darkness, reflection of light, and light that becomes broken which is called refraction. All of this is going on without any assistance from us and without our knowledge, or any interference.

As you progress downward through the universal forms you see that the form and structure and mechanical functions still apply. Planets, suns, moons, stars and galaxies all operate under the same laws of movement, same magnetic fields, rotation, cause and effect, light and darkness, opposites etc. Let's take a planet. If you dissolve the planet it has an outer covering, then it has multiply layers within, a core that appears to be solid, and if you dissolve this, you will discover that there are gases under extreme pressure and temperature. If you dissolve these you will see that the gases are also made up of the tiny particles that have positive and negative charges, and a magnetic attraction that keeps them together as elements. If we had any microscopic or radiation equipment, that could detect this smallest matter, you would discover tiny particles of light and radiation.

If it is a planet like Earth, that has life forms on it, it has systems in place to sustain life, regenerate life, and regenerate itself. You can see the birth, growth, dying, and renewal process that is in place with the animals, creatures, humans, plants, vegetation, waters, and pockets of life that are dispersed all over the planet. Nothing is stagnant in the systems and you will experience the oneness on each and all these levels. The Oneness doesn't change because you say it's not there. As you break down the vastness you realize how each small part makes up the whole. Learn to observe and discover for yourself that we are One.

Yoga Kat--aka Katheryn Hoban is a yoga teacher and Reiki Master Teacher with twelve years experience. She teaches children's yoga ages 3-6, and Adults privately in NJ. She is the author of the book -Masters of Consciousness-A Guide Book for the Cosmic Traveler. She has created a children's affirmation CD (ages 3-6) and an affirmation CD for adults. Yoga Kat is available for speaking or writing and can be reached at or 201 970-9340 or go to http://www.thecircleofpeace.com and sign up for our newsletter.

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