Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ouija Board - The Truth About Contacting The Dead

When you mention the words "Ouija Board" to even the hardest of skeptics, it still raised a reaction.

What is it about this fascinating device that stirs the imagination on such a deep level?

Perhaps it's the promise of communication with "entities" from the "other side"? Perhaps it's the mysterious design of the classic board?

Or is it because of the influence of movies we have seen and stories we have heard about the Ouija board that strikes us on a deep level?

We have all heard stories of teenagers summoning demons using the Ouija board. Even demonic possessions caused because of the Ouija board. Other stories tell of boards themselves that "command" the owner to do horrible things. Often is heard the story of the Ouija board that just wouldn't "die". The board that when buried always returns to the owner. The board that won't burn in the hottest of fires.

So are these stores true?

Whilst these stories would be difficult to prove, I believe all stories have some sort of basis in fact.

Perhaps a fact that has become embellished or distorted, but there must have originally been something there.

If one assumes the power of the Ouija board is fact. That the board actually can and does communicate with the dead...the question still it evil?

For those of us that do believe in the spiritual world of existence, then I believe that the Ouija board itself is not evil. It is simply a tool. A tool to communicate with the dead. The question more becomes...are the dead evil?

This depends on the dead entity being contacted. If the person whilst alive was malicious, then the chances are this personality would continue on after death.

When looking at the human race as a whole, I like to believe there are considerably more people who could be considered "good" than those considered "bad" or "evil".

The same holds true for the spirit world. While using the Ouija board it would certainly be possible to contact an "evil" spirit. However, the chances are probably less likely. But when an "evil" spirit is contacted, they can do terrible damage both physically and mentally to the Ouija board user.

Therefore, it follows that if you are interested in using the Ouija board, you must be careful. The board is perfectly safe to use if you know the correct methods and safety procedures for using this fascinating, exciting and wonderful tool.

By: Nik R Edser

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