Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Paranormal Occurrence Or Weak Light Bulb?

By Vicky Nissen

When do our energies leave our bodies?

My friend, Patrick's, dad had died from cancer, and now his mother, Audrey, had been ill with cancer for some time. Audrey didn't have a lot of time left in the physical world so Patrick flew from Los Angeles to Boston in February to spend her last days with her. He stayed in the home where he grew up. His father, a carpenter, built the house with a solid New England structure, able to withstand difficult winters. Patrick slept in a room adjacent to his mother's. His sisters were at their own homes not far away.

He awoke one morning around 5 a.m., went into check on his mother, who was breathing her last breaths. She died. He called his siblings who arrived within a short period of time. During the 40+ years that Patrick lived there, he knew the house to be solid and even harsh winter storms never interrupted the electricity. That cold, dark morning in February, the lights were on. Suddenly, a short time after her death, all of the lights in the house dimmed very low, almost distinguishing before becoming extremely bright, like spotlights. This pattern repeated several times. Something was interfering with the electric power. Patrick never had to discuss the lights with anyone. He just knew that it was his mother's spirit leaving her body passing over them to the other side.

This is a paranormal communication called Direct Contact. Direct contact is probably the simplest form of communication from the dead to explain, but the most difficult to prove. Direct contact is the result of "spiritual energies" interfering with electricity and radio waves. When her energies left her body, the energies interferred with the electricity.

Sometimes, after a person dies, and their spirit lingers, it may cause other interference with electricity. This strange, inconsistent behavior can be detected in TV's, radios, telephones, lights, answering machines, appliances and computers. However, when a light goes out, the message may not be from a departed loved one; it may simply mean you need a new bulb.
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