Thursday, August 7, 2008

Paranormal Sciences

By Sarfaraz Ali

This is a term used for the description of phenomenon that deviates from practicality, or more appropriately an occurrence or an incidence that is devoid of an evident and scientific clarification. It can be classified into two main categories for the ease of the readers. Firstly it can be categorized into the subject of ghosts and secondly the UFO's. Both of them have been explained briefly in the following lines.

As far as the first category is concerned, people who believe I them generally term them as either the spirit or the essence of a dead individual. Many unconventional speculations also support the theories regarding the presence of the spirits of dead animals. The popular presumption is that they exist in the form of a foggy, light and delicate substance. Several studies have been conducted and still others are ongoing regarding the evidence of the reality of ghosts and the clairvoyant sightings.

Apart from that the UFO's, though they do not represent this subject fully, are its significant part. Many studies are being conducted for the possibilities of finding life o other planets. This aspect mainly focuses on the convictions regarding the existence of the anonymous flying items and the phenomenon's connected with them. Initially their study was divided into two main categories. One category revolved around the believers who apprehended it as a strange phenomenon that required serious study whereas the other group saw it as an amalgamation of outer space visitations along with holy activities.

All in all it is a very comprehensive subject that is extremely controversial and debatable. Numerous researches have been conducted for both the affirmation and the negation of the beliefs of the individuals regarding the paranormal. Other than that no significant scientific evidence is present.

Sarfaraz was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, surrounded by traffic and technology. He writes mostly about diseases, the storybooks, futuristic columns, mysteries, as he likes to call it. He enjoys writing for web.

He wrote his first book (The Black Bodyguard of Stone-Pyramid) in 2003 and since then has provided the picture for 1 more title. His book was honored as a BEST SELLER.

Sarfaraz currently lives with his wife in Karachi near Seashore, about fifteen miles from the house where he was born.

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