Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Personality of the Dog

By Monica Potter

A Dog is a very conservative person, he is naturally cautious, prudent, so it usually takes him a long time before he can be a close friend to others, but if your friendship has been founded, the Dog will maintain it in good faith. This character of Dogs doesn't only appear in their relationships with lovers and friends, but also appears in their relationships with bosses and colleagues.

The Dog has a very strong sense of justice, he is righteous, faithful, sincere and honest. However, he is not good at socializing with people, that character could leave others a stubborn impression easily. He will do everything for the person that values most in his heart.

The Dog always wastes too much time on doubt, he thinks that the evil world couldn't stop to set his up and life is so terrible that he must so something to fix it.

What the Dog needs most is not money or success, but a happy family and a quiet life, which will make him forget the evil in the outside world. The Dog enjoys helping others, once he found himself betrayed by cunning people, he will feel very hurt.

Sometimes Dogs are judgmental, defensive and fussy, they cut things in the main branch broken, rather than look at it at the overall situation. The Dog could be afraid of his own shadow, lacking of confidence, blame others for their own fault.

After all, Dogs are sweet and loyal, they can make good friends and good family.


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