Friday, August 8, 2008

Personality of the Pig

By Monica Potter

People born under the sign of Pig are, in general, relatively cool-headed, no matter how intractable are the problems that they met, they can just handle them in a right way. Pigs have lots of good friends because they are warm-hearted, caring, obliging and chivalrous people, when they encounter trouble, there will be a group of friends to help them. In addition, Pigs are very responsible, if you trust them, they will not let you down, and they will never try to.

Pig people are usually rich. They enjoy extravagant and comfortable life, everything in their homes expose their great but expensive taste. In fact, pigs are aesthetic. Pigs are born with an excellent nose for style in everything.

Pigs have a great thirst for knowledge, they are not good at socializing with friends, they are quiet people, like reading books.

The only major shortcoming of the Pig is that he is too easy to get angry. And when he loses his temper, the best medicine for him is food. Pigs often eat too much.

The Pig is a romantic, naive, cheerful and gentle person. He believes that most of the people in the world are basically good, this character makes him relatively easy to be cheated.

Pig babies are so sweet that a lot of women want to have a baby in Pig year, it is said that in 2007-- the last Pig's year, much more babies were born than in any past single year. That's the best evidence to prove that people love Pigs.


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