Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Personality of the Sheep

By Monica Potter

People born under the sign of Sheep are gentle, plite, intelligent, charming and artistic. Sheep is the eighth sign in 12 Chinese zodiacs, and "eight" is a number which symbolizes wealth in Chinese culture.

In Chinese old books, the Sheep is described to be the most delicate sign of the 12 Zodiac animals. They are very kind, docile and shy sometimes. They can become elegant artists or creative workers if lucky, but at the same time, the Sheep people are also pessimistic, hesitant and over-anxious worriers.

The Sheep people don't express themselves much, they won't put the dissatisfaction or other bad feelings on face. They tend to insist on their thoughts without saying.

People born in the year of sheep are lucky, they mostly have happy childhood and happy marriage while grown up. They will maintain strong links with their family even if they have been far away from home for a long time. The Sheep person will not be loved only by the life partner, but also all of the family.

The over-cautious attitude of the Sheep may make others feel disgusted and angry, but this is their temper. Don't expect that the Sheep can tell you all the truth about themselves at once, you must get to know them little by little, and you must insure them all along that you won't get angry at any time.

Sheep people will not forget their special days like birthday and other holidays. If you forget those days they will feel really sad.


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