Thursday, August 28, 2008

Personality of the Snake

By Monica Potter

Snake people, both men and women, are typical idealists. They are full of strength, warm-hearted but seems indifferent. In the face of new friends, snakes are tend to protect themselves, however, once you become familiar, he will take a good care of you.

Once the Snake meets someone he like, he will not start to pursue immediately. Snake people want to know their lovers completely, means no secrets. The Snake likes being surrounded by people they love, until they are subdued in their charm and magic power.

The Snake will strive for whatever they like. They work hard so they can achieve certain success, but they are stingy naturally and suspicious, so they sometimes can't get along with others very well.

Snake people like doing research, without thorough investigation, they won't believe anything. Because of the strong curiosity, they would like to detect private things of other people and having fun.

Snakes have firm will and can concentrate on one thing for a long time. They usually are good at earning money, this personality makes them very attractive.

Lazy is the one of the most obvious characteristics of snake people, and the only real enemy of them. They have to struggle with themselves for a long time before they can get started to move. Although they often have great ambition, but that won't make them success.

Is 2008 the Snake's lucky year? The site below has some articles of forecast that you can read.


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