Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Portrait Of The Horoscope Gemini In The Western Zodiac

Author: Matthias Zeitler

The zodiac is a system of knowledge that gathers thoughts from many different fields, such as Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy. The western zodiac is one the most popular zodiacs in the world, just as the Chinese zodiac. The difference between these two is the succession of the signs: in the European zodiac, the cycle designed by this succession is twelve months, and in the Chinese zodiac the cycle is represented by twelve years.

One of the European zodiac's signs is the Gemini (22 May- 21 June), who has as its main characteristic the flexibility. Indeed, the native Gemini is a changeable person, both in his emotional and his professional life. It's a positive, masculine sign, its basic element is air and it is also a mutable horoscope sign.

The most important planets that play major roles for the horoscope Gemini are Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter, the Moon and Pluto. The ruling planet and, at the same time, the family planet, is Mercury, the planet of the professional career is Neptune, Jupiter reigns over the emotional side , the planet of wealth and fortune is the Moon, and Pluto is the planet of labor and health.

The native Gemini's main qualities are his excellent communication skills, his mental agility and his great learning capacity. Communication and continuous learning are his strongest desires. At the same time, he is often a bit superficial, he likes the gossip and he can be a little off limits with his words sometimes, offending others.

On the other hand, the native Gemini is a sensitive person, full of energy and he certainly loves changes. He is sociable, but often undecided; he makes a habit out of making his mind in the last moment. Interested in many things, ruled by his extraordinary mobility, the native Gemini manages to find his way out of any unpleasant situation, thanks to his charm and his sociability. The horoscope Gemini also mentions that his natural goodness and his diplomatic talent make him a good mediator, as he doesn't like conflicts and always tries to settle them, in order to reestablish harmony and joy. The native Gemini is also active and creative, an artist in his visions about the world and the meaning of life.

However, those who are born under the sign of Gemini also have a series of flaws, the most important and, actually, omnipresent, of all being their cruel infidelity. The match love horoscopes describe the Gemini natives as being unsteady, changeable and always unsatisfied with themselves. They always want more, more information, more knowledge and more action. They are extremely agitated and they sometimes experience a certain lack of focus, due to their diverse centers of interest.

These are the main lines of a native Gemini's character and ways of interacting with others. The Gemini is always looking forward to finding the same flame burning in the hearts of those around him, the hunger for knowledge, the spiritualized lust that lights his or her way.

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