Sunday, August 24, 2008

Psychics in Ireland - Are They Any Better?

By David Silversmith

Often people ask me the question about psychics in Ireland and clairvoyants in Ireland, and if they are any better than others. As if, somehow, Irish Psychics are more intrinsically intuitive than other races. Who knows? Obviously, many psychics in Ireland (and clairvoyants in Ireland too) are extremely gifted and good at what they do, but that does not mean everyone is. Just like any other nationality, some are better than others.

American, British, Chinese, Indian, American Indian etc. All psychics of these nationalities will claim to be special, and generally speaking, each has their own merits when it comes to psychic abilities and methods of communication. Thats true of psychics in Ireland too. But one thing that psychics will differ in , and that is their style and method of delivering information.

All nationalities have their own quirks and idiosyncrasies, each no better or worse than the others. But some quirks of the Irish, are appealing. The way with words, the Irish accent, a unique way of looking at things. Also, the Irish race are known for their empathy and down to earth outlook. Although these characteristics of an Irish person are not important as far as psychic ability and clairvoyant skills are concerned, they do nevertheless, add a certain something extra to a reading.

In addition, Psychics in Ireland have a long tradition, dating back many centuries to the Druids, a peoples who had their own mythologies and rituals, and were revered for their psychic abilities

Most of the readings l have had with genuine psychics in Ireland, have been being very revealing, and even though l was skeptical about some of the information l was receiving, it proved to be the case many months later. Often, l was being told things in an apparently illogical fashion, in a strange Irish way of saying things. But many weeks and months later l was surprised how things turned out as predicted.

I don't know if psychics in Ireland, and clairvoyants in Ireland, are any better than elsewhere, but l do know from personal experience that they are as good as elsewhere. Plus, they have their own unique way of seeing the past, present and your future.

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