Monday, August 18, 2008

Reading Into Aura Colors

Before I ever talk to people about the meaning of aura colors, I usually ask them what they know about auras. As a teacher, it is helpful to know the starting point of where the student is coming from, and as a healer it is crucial for me to be able to pass on the knowledge that people need to have in order to understand the healing process. Most people feed me something along the lines of "the aura is a reflection of the inner self and the energies that are dominant in a person," and while this can be technically true, it isn't a working definition. After all, if they think that aura cameras are somehow capturing their inner self on film, then they miss the entire physical aspect of what is being manifested through the body.

Auras have a very real, very physical component, which is part of what aura cameras are measuring when they collect data from around the body. There is an electromagnetic field around every living thing in the universe. Around people, this field is usually called the Human Energy Field, or HEF. This oval-shaped energy field extends out from the body two to three feet, including down into the earth under the feet. This is a measurable phenomena, just as temperature around the body can be measured for use in creating aura photos.

While many who use aura photography are doing so in the portrait format, I find that for most of the healing modalities, a full-body auric image is much more useful. In a full body image, you can see each of the auric fields and determine what in the body needs to be healed or brought back into balance. The term "auric field' refers to the seven energy centers in the body, known to many as chakras. The chakra system, which was first codified in Ancient India, has long since been a way of understanding the energy systems of the body. While each chakra creates an individual whole, they are also all part of a system, meaning that they are all interconnected and affect one another quite heavily.

A person who suffers from an imbalance might find that not only is their emotional body out of whack, but their physical body is also experiencing some related issues. Everything that a human encompasses is, in some ways, tied to an individual chakra, or auric body. When a person is not in harmony, all parts suffer- physical, mental and emotional. This is where aura colors become very useful. The auric bodies all respond and are associated with a color- from top to bottom (root to crown) those colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. When viewing auras it becomes very easy to see which parts of the self are dominant- which needs are at the forefront. Interactive aura photography allows you to watch aura colors change as people talk or focus on different ideas or emotions. All of this is powerful to a healer when it comes to diagnostics and treatment of clients.

By: David Tang

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Ian Stone said...

The changes to the Aura during Energy Healing not only are felt by the recipient the colours change and the changes affect the Soul as well as the body, often changing the strands within the DNA

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