Thursday, August 28, 2008

Revenge Spells - Are they Ethical?

by M Deskins

There has always been controversy in the occult community over curses and hexes. Wiccans, for instance feel that curses can be "bad" and can result in bad karma, three times over. Wiccans believe in the three fold law, which means that everything they put out, will come back to them three times.
Some wiccans believe that the three fold law is a true, natural law that governs over everybody, even non-wiccans. As an eclectic witch myself, I obviously don't agree with that, but I do respect their views.

Both good things and bad things happen to everybody, no matter what we do. If we feel that we have truly been wronged and that we deserve to be avenged, I believe that we have every right to direct bad energy (and bad luck) back to the person who wronged us. We all have a right to avenge ourselves if we are truly wronged.

If your ex boyfriend or girlfriend hurt you, then you should have every right to do a revenge spell. If someone is being mean and horrible to you for no reason, you should have a right to redirect their negative energy back to them. It's only a matter of taking karma into your own hands. I don't think any Goddess or God would punish you for it three times over.

Some would call it black magick, but from your own point of view you would only be avenging yourself. Is that evil? Is avenging yourself through magick and defending your own honor "evil"? Of course you don't want to do anything stupid and illegal. Thankfully, hexes and voodoo dolls aren't illegal; they are only controversial in the occult world.

I've been a practicing occultist for a number of years, and I've yet to see a correlation between doing a revenge spell on someone and receiving three times the bad karma myself. I'm not encouraging anyone to just go cursing people left and right, I'm only making the claim that we should have a right to avenge ourselves if we want to (in a legal way).

Speaking of "cursing people left and right", I think all of us would agree that it's a never good idea. If karma truly does exist, then it probably will come back to us through acting like that. But if we truly have a desire to avenge ourselves when we've been done wrong, then we should have a right to. Forgiveness is divine, but sometimes revenge is a little sweeter.

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