Saturday, August 23, 2008

September 2008 Horoscopes

By Tana Hoy

Aries -March 21 - April 20
Make sure to keep all options open this month. Opportunity is going to knock, but make sure not to take the first one that comes along. Weigh your options and try not to let the excitement of everything cloud your good decision making. Choose wisely!

Taurus - April 21 - May 21
Make sure to be gentle on yourself this month. You are holding onto some guilt that is related to something recent or some occurrence in the past. It's time to evaluate the situation honestly and work on letting it go. Focus on forgiveness of yourself and others.

Gemini- May 22 - June 21
It's time to focus on your financial future. Start planning your financial investments for your future security or reevaluating your current portfolios. The next twelve months have great potential for high returns in your later years.

Cancer - June 22 - July 22
Your dreams may be intensifying this month. Dreams are the doorways to insights into your inner soul as well as sometimes prophetic. Make sure to pay close attention to your dreams because they will direct your awareness where it needs to be focused.

Leo - July 23 -August 21
You may feel the need to let your inner lion roar, especially around coworkers or superiors at work at the present moment. Bite your tongue and silently observe the situation and then take appropriate action. Your will learn more by observing than roaring right now.

Virgo - August 22 - September 23
This is the time to make your true feelings known to those who are close to your heart. A new romantic encounter may enter your life or your current relationship will show signs of deeper intimacy and connection. Open your heart and express with your words.

Libra - September 24 - October 23
Take time to create. Take that acting class you have been putting off, or the art class you wanted to take. Maybe you want to explore public speaking or even writing a book! Let your creative juices flow and you will stop feeling stuck in a rut.

Scorpio- October 24 - November 22
Watch your words and think before you speak. You are going to feel pushed to your limit by an acquaintance, neighbor or friend. Bite your tongue, take a deep breath and remember that it is sometimes better to just walk away and revisit the conversation later.

Sagittarius - November 23 - December 22
Keep your eyes open and make sure to be on your toes this month. A onetime chance is going to come into your path and if you aren't on top of things, you will miss it. Act swiftly and be willing to take a chance. The rewards will be worth it!

Capricorn - December 23 - January 20
You may run into an old flame from the past. You might be caught off guard because you night feel some old sparks rekindled inside. Remember that they are ex's for a reason and move on. There is no future here - no matter what you try and do differently this time.

Aquarius - January 21 - February 19
A promotion or raise is just around the corner in your workplace. Make sure to apply for any new openings that become available and let it be known that you are interested in taking on more challenges at work. Quick advancement can be yours!

Pisces- February 20- March 20
This is the time to surround yourself with family and close friends. Plan a barbeque or picnic. You will find you are the happiest and less stressed when you are enjoying good conversation and good times with close friends and loved ones.

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