Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shut Up, You're Supposed to Be Dead

By Vicky Nissen

A friend of mine has a very unnerving experience with a non-bodied person, namely a Ghost.

Several years ago, a friend of mine, Sharon, was an investment analyst. As far as I knew, she didn't really believe in ghosts. She and her husband, along with their 6 year old son, moved into a beautiful home in Encino, north of Los Angeles. After they were there for several weeks, odd things began to occur. When Sharon walked into the kitchen in the morning, all of the cabinets' doors were open, and cans of food were in the middle of the floor. She talked with her son, but he denied having anything to do with it. However, for weeks, she found food out of cabinets, and the kitchen in disarray. Her son denied doing it, and she and her husband were perplexed, thinking that their son was lying to them.

One day she talked to a neighbor and mentioned the odd things her son was doing while denying any involvement. The neighbor suggested it wasn't her so... it was the ghost. For years, buyers moved out within 6 months of moving in because of the problems incurred with a ghostly presence. Apparently, the ghost lived in the house and died in a fire, which was concentrated in the back bedroom. He was in his thirties and unhappy that his physical being was taken away so early. A parapsychologist suggested talking to the ghost. Sharon went to the back bedroom where the man had died and talked to him. She introduced herself and her family and told him not to do those things because they were disrupting her family life. For a while, things were normal. About a month later, everything started again, and cans and different items were spread around the kitchen floor.

Living with an unknown entity was more pressure than they could handle. They too, moved out before their six months had arrived.

What causes ghostly sightings and experiences? Generally these types of stories end up just like the case of my friend. A person generally passed away in some awful way, and the spirit refuses to leave the premises. It is thought that when a person dies suddenly, he or she is not able to accept death and, therefore, not able to pass on into the afterlife. Other experiences seem oddly similar.

One of the most unusual stories is about the Toys-R-Us store in Sunnyvale, California, that is haunted by a young boy. The psychic, Sylvia Browne, appeared on national television and did a "walk through" at this site. A farmer, who lived in the 1800's near the site, named Johnson, was found dead with an ax in his neck, and apparently he bled to death. It's believed he gets his exercise by playing with the toys and the staff. The ghost activity is strong and constant, and employees attest to finding toys in aisles when opening up in the morning or balls rolling down the aisles when no one is around. One employee even swears she saw John once: A young man in his 20's, wearing knickers, a white shirt and a gray snap-brim cap walked past her. Another time she heard the sounds of galloping horses.

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