Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Simple Hair Growth Spell

By A. Bachman

It can be embarrassing if you suffer from hair loss. Here is a simple hair growth spell that anyone can do to help regrow that lost hair. Be sure to follow the spell step by step if you wish to get the best results.

Use the soap that is created once a day for at least a month for best results. As you do this, imagine the hair on your head growing back into it's place as full as it used to be. This is not just a hair growth spell, but also to help keep from going bald even further.

You will need some saffron, anise seed, root of ginger, apple wine, clover nectar, cinnamon bark, oil of olives, and leaves of a pine. These can be gathered in the wild, purchased at your local grocery store, or found at a witchcraft shop. Chances are great you can find them online as well.

Every morning at sunrise, measure a spoonful of each and mix them in a saucepan. Place them on the stove, or even better, over an open fire pit if possible. This isn't necessary, but ads to the appeal and power of the spell. Stir them, then let them simmer once they are starting to steam.

As they simmer, say the following over the mixture.

"Spirits conjure, phoenix flowers. From the ashes, of the dead. Tell each hair that touches thee, to hold forever to my head. Let them grow back, fast and without dread. Replace what is lost from my head."

Strain them into a gill of milk and mix with an ounce of soap. Warm all of this mixture until it foams then wash the hair once a day.

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