Thursday, August 7, 2008

Space- How Space Was Created

Author: CD Mohatta

When we look around us we take the space for granted. We know that space is the distance between tow objects. Or what lies between two objects. As things are scattered in the world there is space that occupies that. It is true for outer space that lies between tow stars. This space is three-dimensional. Was this space there since eternity? Who created the space? If no object is left in the cosmos what would happen to the space? Will it still remain? How Space Was Created?

We know that at the time of Big bang everything exploded out of a point called singularity. What most of us do not realize is that at that time there was no space. There was only this single point in the cosmos and nothing else. It is difficult to imagine and understand, isn't it?

As the mass and energy exploded out space was created. At this time there are billions of stars that are running away from us. The universe is expanding. This is creating more and more space. What lies beyond this space? Is there another cosmos/universe or more space? No body knows the answer to this question. According to Einstein one can never reach the edge of the space. This space is something like the surface of the earth. There are no edges. It folds on itself. So if you start looking or the edge of the space you will come back from where you began. Of course the distances are so vast that it is impossible for any mortal to think of doing this. Billions of light years make a very huge distance. This distance is unimaginable.

Next time you look at the sky begin thinking about the space, the stars and what lies beyond everything. You will forget your problems at home and work because you will feel you are so small compared to what is happening out there.

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