Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Strength Tarot Card - Does it Mean You Have the Strength to Tackle Anything?

By Alison Yates

The tarot deck can vary, but generally features 78 cards, highly decorated with symbolic images. A tarot reader will interpret each card drawn in a reading by its symbolism and its position. The Strength Tarot Card is a welcome card in any reading, and shows images of strength and power, often a lion.

The recipient of this card should feel capable and confident now of tackling problems, and dealing with the difficult issues facing them at this time, and the future.

Some of the questions the appearance of the Strength card poses when it appears in a tarot reading are:

* Do you take on too much, and do you lack the strength to say NO?

* List your three heroes. Why are they your heroes? Are you someone's hero?

* Where do you need more strength in your life?

What this card means in the main areas of your life


The traits that Strength Tarot card displays are great power and strength to handle any situation. This card shows an assertive person, who deals calmly with frustration, accepting others, maintaining composure and refusing to get angry.

Family and friends

The Strength tarot card often represents a time when you must speak up and speak out to clear the air. Communication is important, and things should come off the chest. Lay some cards on the table, and all hands will be revealed.


In relation to health, this card indicates great inner strength and we must find ways to tap into it so that our health can improve. For example, we must find the strength to stop smoking, to lose weight, and to commit ourselves more to helping others.

Love life

In relation to love and our love relationships, The Strength card shows us that we must communicate more, and be more open with our feelings, thoughts and needs.


For career and business, this card shows that success can be achieved, if we believe in ourselves and our abilities.

General Aspects

The Strength card represents a new-found ability to cope with extreme pressure and an ability to win through in the end, often against formidable odds. The recipient should trust their abilities and gather courage and determination from this card.

Now, with this card, you can bring together intellect, reason, enthusiasm and energy to deal with the obstacles before you. This card is not just about psychical strength, but mental strength and compassion too.

The Strength card means triumph over most things, including our greatest challenges in relationships, career, and health matters. If illness has been an issue then this card indicates recovery. If the recipient has been considering ridding themselves of an unhealthy habit or bad relationship, then this card indicates that this is a good time to put plans into action.

When this card appears, it is a time for being constructive, not destructive, and understanding the consequences of actions.

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