Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Sun And Its Solar Eclipse

By Andrew Gibson

The sun is the largest and the most prominent feature in the solar system. The sun constitutes about 90% of the entire mass of the solar system. The largest heat and light source for the solar system is the sun.

The temperature at the outer layer is 6000 centigrade and the interior part of the sun has a temperature of 15,000,000 centigrade. The inner part of the sun has high pressure and temperature that leads to nuclear fusion reactions that give the enormous amount of energy for the sun.

The sun can be defined as a huge sphere that contains ionized gas and it is responsible for the life on the Earth. All the planets in the solar system revolve in elliptical paths only because of the gravitational pull by the Sun. The sun is responsible for keeping all the planets in line. The gravitational power is so high that if you weigh 65 pounds here in the earth, you will weight about a ton in the sun.

The visible layer of the sun is called photosphere, which is bright yellow in color. With special telescopes, you can see the inner chromosphere and the corona layer of the sun. The chromosphere consists of hot gases and the corona is the outer layer that extends to the mercury planet.

The solar eclipse is a popular event associated with sun that can be seen from the earth. The solar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes through the shadow of the sun. A total eclipse occurs when there is a new moon and this lasts for a few minutes only. You should not see the sun with your normal eyes, as it will affect your retina.

Many dark spots can be found in the sun when viewed from a telescope. This is because of the magnetic regions on the surface of the sun. The spots will always appear in two sets, one set will have a positive magnetic field and the other set will have a negative magnetic field. The solar activity of the sun depends on the number of sunspots that are present in the sun.

The sun as you see from the earth is not small. It is very huge and it is 93 million miles away from the earth. When you want to reach the sun, it will take 176 years if you travel at 60 miles per hour.

It is not possible for anybody to reach the sun, as everything that approaches sun from a great distance will be burnt by the hot gases. The very high unimaginable temperature of the sun is keeping all the science and technology from approaching and studying the sun. For this reason, there are many mysteries associated with the sun.

Scientists say that the Sun has been in existence for 4.6 billion years and it can continue to exist for five billion years. During the end, the sun is expected to swell and become a very huge mass that can swallow the earth.

After about billion years, the sun that appears as a red giant now will turn to a white dwarf. It will take about trillion years for the dead sun to cool and finally it will look like a star.

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