Saturday, August 23, 2008

Telekinesis - Telekinetic Power and Learning Telekinesis

By Millard Jacobs

If you really want to develop Telekinesis you have to put a lot of effort into your Telekinetic training. Simply looking at something and hoping it will move will not help you develop your Telekinesis power. You have to be 100% devoted to developing your Telekinesis Power. What that means is you have to practice Telekinetics and Telekinesis training day in and day out.

One way to start your telekinesis training is to start out in a dimly lit room that's quite where you will not be bothered and there are no distractions. Try your Telekinesis ability with something light like a paper clip to begin with. Try focusing on it and see it moving in your mind. You have to actually see the object moving in your mind. Focus on the clip and only the clip, put all your energy into it.

If you do not succeed to start with with Telekinesis do not fret it's not as easy as people make it sound. Developing Telekinetics takes time and effort and allot of concentration. Learning Telekinesis and telepathy can take years to master and develop. And some people may never be able to learn telekinesis.

Another simple way to practice Telekinesis is with a cup of water. Get a cup or glass of water and go to a quiet place as stated before. (It's very important in telekinesis training that you have a place to practice where you will not be disturbed) Place the glass or cup of water on the floor or a table in front of you. Wait until the water has settled and is not moving. Now focus on the water with you mind and imagine it moving. It may even help your telekinetic ability to actually wave your hand back over it and focus your energy through your hand to the water and visualise the water moving.

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