Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Truth About Vampires

By David Slone

The mere mention of the word Vampire brings up an image of a pale white man with sharp teeth drinking blood. Or it may also remind you of a beautiful woman who in an instant would turn into a blood-sucking ghost. While much of this has been fed into our mind by the Vampire movies, there are certain realities as to why they have been pictured like this. Let us now look into the true story behind Vampires that led to all this.

Ancient Vampire Beliefs

The Vampire stories were around long before Vlad the Impaler. Few ancient societies believed in blood thirsty Gods and worshipped them. Some societies, like the Africans were afraid of vampires while others like the Egyptians worshipped them. During the Roman Empire, the Vampire cults flourished. The infertile females believed that drinking the blood of fertile females would make them fertile. Even the males thought that drinking blood would make them more potent. These rumors were spread by the captives and slaves whom the Roman soldiers caught during wars. But this blood drinking practice lead to the spreading of blood related diseases. The Roman emperor then banned this practice and hired assassins to execute those who followed this ritual. The assassins used small daggers which closely resembled the crucifix. Later on, this became the basis of killing a Vampire with a crucifix.

Vlad The Impaler

Vlad the Impaler, also know as Vlad Dracul which meant 'the devil', was a tyrant who ruled Transylvania around the 15th century. During this time period, the stories of vampires were quite popular. He was called 'the Impaler' because he loved to impale his enemies. He would thrust a long wooden spear into his enemies and watch them die a gruesome death. He hated non-Christians and used this technique against them. So the non-Christians feared him and put crosses in front of their homes to keep Dracula away from them.


The Transylvanians also believed in Strigoi (the undead) who walked on earth because they were either not properly buried or lived an evil life. To stop them people thrust a stake across their chest and placed them in coffin. The stake was driven through the coffin and into the ground to keep them from coming out.

The Vampire is definitely a fascinating creature. Imagine the number of stories and movies that have been made about vampires! Read more about Vampires Legends and stories of Vlad the Impaler, Strigoi and Hollywood movies and paperbacks developed into the present mythos and ideas about Vampires, but what is the real truth behind the original legends? At True Ghost Tales you will find everything from vampires and werewolves to ghosts, demons and poltergiests with new stuff added every day.

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