Monday, August 18, 2008

Understanding the Para-psychological phenomenon

By Umar Ahmed

To Visualize Para-psychic phenomenon

• The word Parapsychology (P-P) is a derivation of the Greek word "Para+Psychology" which means "Paranormal Events" which consists of extra sensory perception, survival of realization after bereavement and psycho kinesis.

• Psi is the name given to courses by parapsychologist, a term which is devoid of possessing any sort of mechanism.

• Para-psychological research brings forth various methods such as fieldwork and laboratory research are confidentially performed in confidential laboratories in universities across the globe despite the fact that there are today, many universities who are dynamically providing sponsorship in Para psychological research as compared to the past.

• Para psychological magazines often publish research results on Para-psychic research, though these days lesser amounts of articles on para psychological research are appearing in more traditional journals.

• Parapsychologists have carried out numerous investigations which included the random trials to determine the proof of psychokinesis, sensory deprivation and Ganzfield experiments were carried out to try extrasensory perception and research. All these trials were carried out under contract in the United Stats in order to look into the possibility of distant screening.

• Active parapsychologists in their quest to make scientist acknowledge their research have ended up turning their research into a complex matter. Scientists on the other hand consider this subject as pseudoscience

• Scientists like Stanley Krippner, Ray Hyman, and James Alcock have been critical to both the procedures and the consequences related to parapsychology.

• Cynical researchers have recommended that methodological mistakes provide the best clarification of obvious investigational achievements rather than anamolistic details offered by many parapsychologists. As a whole, the scientific community does not recognize any proofs which strengthen the existence of the paranormal.

Scope of Para-psychology

Parapsychologist's research on many perceived paranormal phenomenon's existing today; some of them are discussed as under:

1. Telepathy

Telepathy is the transfer of information's on the basis of various feelings among people and which are conveyed by any sense other than the usual five traditional senses.

2. Precognition

It is the prediction of any future events, which are yet to happen

3. Clairvoyance

It is the method by which information regard certain undisclosed distant locations are recovered by methods which have not yet been disclosed or discovered by modern science.

4. Psychokinesis

It is the capability of a person to manipulate matter, time, space or energy with his mind, how it is done is unknown to modern science.

5. Re-incarnation

The re-birth of a spirit after its death in a new body.

6. Hauntings

It is a phenomenon which has been quite often linked with ghosts and close encounters with them in places where a deceased person would usually be involved with or with the person's personal possessions.

Critical evaluation (P-P)

• Quite a number of parapsychology analysts believe that the human body till date is deprived of eminence and is not sufficiently denounced.

• The opposition to Para psychic psychology believe that the entire field of parapsychology is baseless and possess not consequences that are convincing enough of its existence.

• The Para-psychological Association have made it clear that they are not associated not investigate all of the so called "paranormal phenomenon's" in the world today such as astrology, paganism, UFOs, vampires, Bigfoot, alchemy, or witchcraft.

• Sceptics strongly believe and have affirmed that people's desire to have a regard for paranormal phenomenon is essentially much stronger that the proof of its non-existence.

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