Sunday, August 24, 2008

Value of Vedic Astrology in the Zodiac Symbol of Taurus

By Victor Epand

Individuals that study Vedic Astrology will find that there are a variety of vedic books available that focus on the Zodiac Symbols and their true meanings. I am sure at one time or another you have read your daily horoscope, but understanding the different aspects that the signs you were born under and what these predictions mean is much more intense.

A truly complete and detailed horoscope reading for and individual born under the sign of Taurus will include a description of all the planets and their effects on your birth chart and a description of your personality, looks, attitude, temperament, speech, family life, temperament, thinking patterns, and basic strength. It would also describe levels of happiness, domestic harmony, parents, children, status, creative powers, health, debt, enemies, and competition. Individuals are always interested in future investments, forms of income, and all matters of money in general.

Taurus is the Bull and individuals born under this earth sign, which is the second sign, that is feminine as well as magnetic. Taurus is ruled by Venus that is the planet of love and desire, which is strong and solid as well as practical and reliable. They are considered to be great lovers who enjoy the more sensual pleasures, but they are possessive. These individuals, although conservative, enjoy many material things for they feel that is what is needed for a good life. During emergencies, you would want an individual born under the Taurus sign, because they automatically understand what it is that needs to be done.

The sign of Taurus controls the throat in the human body and gives it its wonderful power and awesome sound. With Venus there to give influence for individuals under the sign of Taurus the world of music and its appreciation lies open and many will become singers and musicians. At the very least they will have a deep love and understanding for music or may go into the music business. They may also delight in gardening and other outdoor activities such as picnics, hikes, or trips to the zoo. These individuals will have a great sense of humor, enjoy social life, and become subdued.

These individuals born under the sign of Taurus are known to be physically strong or built very solidly and many of these individuals may enjoy a rigorous routine of body building or weight lifting. These individuals enjoy any type of sports that requires endurance and strength, which will help them stay in shape. Although these individuals may at times tend to overindulge in the activities they are participating in, to keep from their naturally lazy side they must maintain a schedule of disciplined exercise along with a strict diet as well. This helps them with their approach to good health, especially since they are prone to suffer from health problems that have to due with the throat, neck, kidneys, and with females the reproductive organs.

Colors for the Taurus are brown, turquoise, and russet while their birthstone is the marvelous emerald, which is variety of minerals and can cost as much as some diamonds. The emerald comes in a rich green color and takes the shape of a six sided crystal, the six also represents the number for love. Flowers for the individuals born under the sign of Taurus are the daffodil, lily, daisy, and the red rose. They also love natural things and nature itself, but still have a enjoy being surrounding in comfort. Taurus are known to be tactile, sensuous, strong willed, and creative.

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