Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vedic Astrology and the Focus of the Zodiac Sign Aries

By Victor Epand

Through reading a variety of books and magazines available on the subject of the Zodiac individuals are able to recognize certain characteristic that they may hold if they were born under perhaps the sign of Aries. The study of vedic astrology originated in ancient India by individuals that were interested in developing a more complete knowledge of the personalities of individuals.

Individuals born under the sign of Aries, which known as a fire and a masculine sign, are bold and self confident. Aries is controlled by the planet Mars, which is considered the warrior planet. The symbol for Aries is the ram, which symbolizes leadership and initiative. Flowers associated with Aries are the red poppy, hollyhocks, geraniums, and the fresh, spring smelling honeysuckle. The colors for Aries are white and red while the birthstone for these individuals is the diamond, which is a symbol of strength and is purified under pressure. The diamond is created by nature out of a black coal carbon when intense heat is applied and has been pressurized for a long period of time.

These individuals may tend to be overly impulsive and they possess an energy that is seen as attractive and compelling to others. They are known for their overwhelming ability to create plans, schemes, and ideas. Being considered as great organizers is one of these individuals flair for originality. They may lack some discipline and will make their work last over a period of time. These individuals are not only intuitive, but also articulate, which gives them an added boost when trying to inspire others. Projects that do not require a long period of time to complete are perfect for these individuals.

The symbol for Aries is the ram, which is considered to be a fighter and powerful adversary. This gives these individuals the capacity to be able to express themselves in a variety of ways. They possess a massive amount of energy and courage that allows them the ability to rush in were other would not dare to go, even angels. This means that their egos, at times, can be slightly overbearing. They love to be in the leadership role and are great at organizing. They are impressive in many ventures throughout their lives that they greet with desire and impatience even if they suffer from series of setbacks and disappointments.

Aries the ram is thought to control the head, eyes, and brain of the human body, so when Aries is in the active position of the charts these individuals may suffer from headaches, fevers, head injuries, and other minor problems dealing with the head. These individuals are extremists and will often suffer from many illnesses related to stress or even mental problems. They enjoy being the front runner and will often get bored if the job requires a lot of time and are likely to either wander off. However, they are easily roused to the occasion and are back at work in no time at all when they set their minds to what needs to be done.

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